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       landslide - html5 slideshow generator


       landslide [options] ...


       Landside  is  a  tool  which  can generates an HTML5 slideshow using lightweight markup as

       You can write your slide contents easily using there syntaxes:




       This tool support CSS/JS theming, PDF  export  (using  PrinceXML  Python  library),  embed
       images with Base64 (for stand-alone document) and fancy transitions.

       A sample presentation is available here: <>.


       -h, --help
              show help message and exit

       -b, --debug
              Will display any exception trace to stdin

       -d FILE, --destination=FILE
              The path to the to the destination file: .html or .pdf extensions allowed (default:

       -e ENCODING, --encoding=ENCODING
              The encoding of your files (defaults to utf8)

       -i, --embed
              Embed stylesheet and javascript contents, base64-encoded images in presentation  to
              make a standalone document

       -l LINENOS, --linenos=LINENOS
              How  to  output  linenos  in  source code. Three options are available: no (no line
              numbers); inline (inside <pre> tag); table (lines numbers in  another  cell,  copy-
              paste friendly)

       -m, --math-output
              Enable mathematical output using mathjax

       -o, --direct-output
              Prints the generated HTML code to stdin; won't work with PDF export

       -q, --quiet
              Won't write anything to stdin (silent mode)

       -r, --relative
              Make  your  presentation asset links relative to current pwd; This may be useful if
              you intend to publish your html presentation online.

       -t THEME, --theme=THEME
              A theme name, or path to a landslide theme directory

       -v, --verbose
              Write informational messages to stdin (enabled by default)

       -w, --watch
              Watch the source directory for changes and auto-regenerate the presentation

       -x EXTENSIONS, --extensions=EXTENSIONS
              Comma-separated list of extensions for Markdown


       Note: PDF export requires the `prince` program:


       Damien Raude-Morvan <>