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NAME  - Imports attribute tables in various formats.


       database, import, attribute table

SYNOPSIS --help  input=name   [db_table=name]   [output=name]   [key=string]   [encoding=string]
       [--overwrite]  [--help]  [--verbose]  [--quiet]  [--ui]

           Allow output files to overwrite existing files

           Print usage summary

           Verbose module output

           Quiet module output

           Force launching GUI dialog

       input=name [required]
           Table file to be imported or DB connection string

           Name of table from given DB to be imported

           Name for output table

           Name for auto-generated unique key column

           Encoding value for attribute data

DESCRIPTION imports attribute tables in various formats as supported by the OGR  library  on
       the  local  system  (DBF, CSV, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, ODBC, etc.). Optionally a unique
       key (ID) column can be added to the table.


   Import CSV file
       Limited type recognition can be done for Integer, Real, String, Date,  Time  and  DateTime
       columns  through  a  descriptive  file with same name as the CSV file, but .csvt extension
       (see details here).
       # NOTE: create koeppen_gridcode.csvt first for automated type recognition input=koeppen_gridcode.csv output=koeppen_gridcode table=koeppen_gridcode

   Import DBF table
       Import of a DBF table with additional unique key column (e.g., needed for input=/path/to/mydata.dbf output=census_raleigh key=myid
       db.describe -c census_raleigh

   Import of a SQLite table input=/path/to/sqlite.db db_table=census_raleigh output=census_raleigh

   Import of a PostgreSQL table
       # HINT: if the database contains spatial tables, but you want to import a non-spatial
       table, set the environmental variable PG_LIST_ALL_TABLES to YES before importing input="PG:host=localhost dbname=ecad user=neteler" \
                 db_table=ecad_verona_tmean output=ecad_verona_tmean table=ecad_verona_tmean
       db.describe -c ecad_verona_tmean

   Import XLS file
       To force reading headers, define environmental variable OGR_XLS_HEADERS=’FORCE’. Parameter
       db_table refers to the list within XLS file.
       export OGR_XLS_HEADERS=’FORCE’ input=address.xls db_table=address_data


       GRASS SQL interface


       Markus Neteler

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