Provided by: dbus_1.12.2-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       dbus-update-activation-environment - update environment used for D-Bus session services


       dbus-update-activation-environment [--systemd] [--verbose] --all | VAR... | VAR=VAL...


       dbus-update-activation-environment updates the list of environment variables used by
       dbus-daemon --session when it activates session services without using systemd.

       With the --systemd option, if an instance of systemd --user is available on D-Bus, it also
       updates the list of environment variables used by systemd --user when it activates user
       services, including D-Bus session services for which dbus-daemon has been configured to
       delegate activation to systemd. This is very similar to the import-environment command
       provided by systemctl(1)).

       Variables that are special to dbus-daemon or systemd may be set, but their values will be
       overridden when a service is started. For instance, it is not useful to add
       DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS to dbus-daemon's activation environment, although it might still
       be useful to add it to systemd's activation environment.


           Set all environment variables present in the environment used by

           Set environment variables for systemd user services as well as for traditional D-Bus
           session services.

           Output messages to standard error explaining what dbus-update-activation-environment
           is doing.

           If VAR is present in the environment of dbus-update-activation-environment, set it to
           the same value for D-Bus services. Its value must be UTF-8 (if not, it is skipped with
           a warning). If VAR is not present in the environment, this argument is silently

           Set VAR to VAL, which must be UTF-8.


       dbus-update-activation-environment is primarily designed to be used in Linux
       distributions' X11 session startup scripts, in conjunction with the "user bus" design.

       To propagate DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY to dbus-daemon and, if present, systemd, and propagate
       DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS to systemd:

                   dbus-update-activation-environment --systemd \

       To propagate all environment variables except XDG_SEAT, XDG_SESSION_ID and XDG_VTNR to
       dbus-daemon (and, if present, systemd) for compatibility with legacy X11 session startup

                   # in a subshell so the variables remain set in the
                   # parent script
                     unset XDG_SEAT
                     unset XDG_SESSION_ID
                     unset XDG_VTNR

                     dbus-update-activation-environment --systemd --all


       dbus-update-activation-environment exits with status 0 on success, EX_USAGE (64) on
       invalid command-line options, EX_OSERR (71) if unable to connect to the session bus, or
       EX_UNAVAILABLE (69) if unable to set the environment variables. Other nonzero exit codes
       might be added in future versions.


       DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS, XDG_RUNTIME_DIR and/or DISPLAY are used to find the address of
       the session bus.


       dbus-daemon does not provide a way to unset environment variables after they have been set
       (although systemd does), so dbus-update-activation-environment does not offer this
       functionality either.

       POSIX does not specify the encoding of non-ASCII environment variable names or values and
       allows them to contain any non-zero byte, but neither dbus-daemon nor systemd supports
       environment variables with non-UTF-8 names or values. Accordingly,
       dbus-update-activation-environment assumes that any name or value that appears to be valid
       UTF-8 is intended to be UTF-8, and ignores other names or values with a warning.


       Please send bug reports to the D-Bus bug tracker or mailing list. See


       dbus-daemon(1), systemd(1), the import-environment command of systemctl(1)


       Copyright © 2015 Collabora Ltd.

       This man page is distributed under the same terms as dbus-update-activation-environment
       (MIT/X11). There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.