Provided by: lifelines_3.0.61-2build2_amd64 bug


       dbverify - Check a Lifelines database


       dbverify [ options ] file


       This manual page documents briefly the dbverify command.

       The  dbverify  program  is a companion program of the Lifelines genealogy software, and is
       used to check an existing lifelines database for errors.


       -a     Perform all checks (does not include fixes)

       -g     Check for ghosts (names/refns)

       -G     Check for & fix ghosts (names/refns)

       -i     Check individuals

       -f     Check families

       -F     Alter any bad family lineage pointers (to _badptr)

       -h     command-line help

       -s     Check sours

       -e     Check events

       -x     Check others

       -l     Check database structure

       -m     Check for records missing data entries

       -M     Fix records missing data entries

       -D     Fix bad delete entries

       -n     Noisy (echo every record processed)


       This manual page was written by Christian Perrier  <>,  for  the  Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).