Provided by: dictionaries-common-dev_1.27.2_all bug


       dh_aspell-simple - Call installdeb-aspell with --aspell-simple option


       dh_aspell-simple [debhelper options]


       dh-aspell-simple calls installdeb-aspell(1) with --aspell-simple option enabled.

       This option can only be enabled for pristine aspell dictionaries created with aspell proc
       utility, like those avaivalable from the aspell home page, otherwise this option will make
       program fail.

       It is mostly intended for use from debhelper sequence  A simple
       debian/rules file for those dictionaries might then look like

        # ===== 8< =====
        #!/usr/bin/make -f

                dh $@ --with aspell-simple

        # this is not a GNU autoconf/automake build system
        # ===== >8 =====