Provided by: dh-buildinfo_0.11+nmu2_all bug


       dh_buildinfo - register the versions of build-dependencies used to build a package


       dh_buildinfo [debhelperĀ options] [generate] [cat] [install]


       dh_buildinfo is a debhelper program that registers in a file the list of packages declared
       as build-time dependencies, as well as build-essential packages, together with their
       versions, as installed in the build machine.

       This will hopefully help to track packages (auto-)built with package versions which are
       known to be buggy, and, more generally, to find out whether a package needs to be rebuilt
       because of a significant change in a package it has a build-time dependency on.

       You will usually just run this in your package's binary rule. If you need extra control
       over the operation, you can specify the actions to be taken. The default actions are
       generate install.


           Generate the list of versions of the build dependencies in use.

       cat Output the list of versions to stdout.

           Installs the compressed list of versions to the package's build directory, in