Provided by: flameshot_0.5.1-2_amd64 bug


       flameshot - Powerful yet simple-to-use screenshot software


       flameshot [arguments] [flameshot-options]
       flameshot gui [gui options]
       flameshot full [fullscreen capture options]
       flameshot config [config options]


       This manual page documents briefly the flameshot command as provided by flameshot package.

       flameshot  is  a  screenshot tool that aims to be powerful yet simple-to-use.  Its notable
       features include customizable appearance,  in-app  screenshot  editing,  D-Bus  interface,
       experimental  GNOME/KDE  Wayland  support, integration with Imgur and support for both GUI
       and CLI interface.

       Besides the brief information about flameshot here, The detailed  usage  of  flameshot  is
       documented  in  the file distributed alongside this software. Typically you may
       find this file under /usr/share/doc/flameshot/ direcotry.


       This section lists some of the most common usage of flameshot via command line.

       flameshot gui
              Capture with GUI.

       flameshot gui -p /path/to/captures
              Capture with GUI and custom save path.

       flameshot gui -d 2000
              Open GUI with a delay of 2 seconds.

       flameshot full
              Full screen capture (will ask savepath).

        flameshot full -p /path/to/captures -d 5000
              Fullscreen capture with custom save path (no GUI) and time delay.

        flameshot full -c -p /path/to/captures
              Fullscreen capture with custom savepath copying to clipboard.


       You may use the graphical menu to configure flameshot.  Alternatively, you  can  also  use
       terminal or scripts to do so.

       flameshot config
              Open the configuration menu (GUI).

       flameshot config --showhelp true
              Show the initial help message in the capture mode.

       flameshot config -h
              Use the help flag to show more information about the available options.


       The   program  is  further  documented  in  the  as  typically  provided  under
       /usr/share/doc/flameshot/ directory.


       flameshot is mainly written by lupoDharkael ⟨⟩.

       This manual page is written by Boyuan Yang ⟨⟩ for the Debian Project (but
       may be used by others).

                                            2018-01-15                               FLAMESHOT(1)