Provided by: fwupd_1.0.6-2_amd64 bug


       fwupdmgr - fwupd


              fwupdmgr [OPTION?]

       build-firmware FILE-IN FILE-OUT [SCRIPT] [OUTPUT]
              Build firmware using a sandbox

              Erase all firmware update history

              Clears any updates scheduled to be updated offline

       clear-results DEVICE_ID
              Clears the results from the last update

       downgrade [DEVICE_ID]
              Downgrades the firmware on a device

       get-details FILE
              Gets details about a firmware file

              Get all devices that support firmware updates

              Show history of firmware updates

       get-releases [DEVICE_ID]
              Gets the releases for a device

              Gets the configured remotes

       get-results DEVICE_ID
              Gets the results from the last update

              Gets the list of updates for connected hardware

       hwids  Return all the hardware IDs for the machine

       install FILE [ID]
              Install a firmware file on this hardware

              Install prepared updates now

       modify-remote REMOTE-ID KEY VALUE
              Modifies a given remote

              Monitor the daemon for events

       refresh [FILE FILE_SIG REMOTE_ID]
              Refresh metadata from remote server

              Share firmware history with the developers

       smbios-dump FILE
              Dump SMBIOS data from a file

       unlock DEVICE_ID
              Unlocks the device for firmware access

       update Updates all firmware to latest versions available

       verify [DEVICE_ID]
              Gets the cryptographic hash of the dumped firmware

       verify-update [DEVICE_ID]
              Update the stored metadata with current ROM contents

   Help Options:
       -h, --help
              Show help options

   Application Options:
       -v, --verbose
              Show extra debugging information

              Show client and daemon versions

              Schedule installation for next reboot when possible

              Allow re-installing existing firmware versions

              Allow downgrading firmware versions

              Override plugin warning

       -y, --assume-yes
              Answer yes to all questions

              Do not check for unreported history

              Do not check for old metadata

              Do not check for reboot after update

       This  tool allows an administrator to query and control the fwupd daemon, allowing them to
       perform actions such as installing or downgrading firmware.