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       iconvert - copy images with format conversions and other alterations


       iconvert [options] inputfile outputfile
       iconvert [options] --inplace files...


       The  iconvert  program  will  read  an image (from any file format for which an ImageInput
       plugin can be found) and then write the image to a new file (in any format  for  which  an
       ImageOutput  plugin can be found). In the process, iconvert can optionally change the file
       format or data format (for example, converting floating-point  data  to  8-bit  integers),
       apply  gamma  correction,  switch  between tiled and scanline orientation, or alter or add
       certain metadata to the image.

       The iconvert utility is invoked as follows:

       iconvert [options] input output

       Where input and output name the input image and desired output filename. The  image  files
       may  be  of  any  format recognized by OpenImageIO (i.e., for which ImageInput plugins are
       available). The file format of the output image will be inferred from the  file  extension
       of the output filename (e.g., "foo.tif" will write a TIFF file).

       Alternately, any number of files may be specified as follows:

       iconvert [options] --inplace file1 file2...

       When the --inplace option is used, any number of file names >= 1 may be specified, and the
       image conversion commands are applied to each file in turn, with the  output  being  saved
       under  the  original  file  name.  This is useful for applying the same conversion to many
       files, or simply if you want to replace the input with the output rather than create a new
       file with a different name.

       For a complete description, see /usr/share/doc/openimageio-doc/openimageio.pdf.gz.


       --help Print help message

       -v     Verbose status messages

       --threads %d
              Number of threads (default 0 = #cores)

       -d %s  Set the output data format to one of:
              uint8, sint8, uint10, uint12, uint16, sint16, half, float, double

       -g %f  Set gamma correction (default = 1)

       --tile %d %d
              Output as a tiled image

              Output as a scanline image

       --compression %s
              Set the compression method (default = same as input)

       --quality %d
              Set the compression quality, 1-100

              Do not use ImageOutput copy_image functionality (dbg)

              Adjust file times to match DateTime metadata

       --caption %s
              Set caption (ImageDescription)

       --keyword %s
              Add a keyword

              Clear keywords

       --attrib %s %s
              Set a string attribute (name, value)

       --orientation %d
              Set the orientation

              Rotate 90 deg clockwise

              Rotate 90 deg counter-clockwise

              Rotate 180 deg

              Do operations in place on images

       --sRGB This file is in sRGB color space

              Force planarconfig separate

              Force planarconfig contig

              Do no overwrite existing files


       idiff(1), igrep(1), iinfo(1), iv(1), maketx(1), oiiotool(1).


       OpenImageIO was written by Larry Gritz and the other authors and contributors.

       This  manual  page was written by IRIE Shinsuke <>, for the Debian
       project (and may be used by others).

                                           Dec 11, 2012                               ICONVERT(1)