Provided by: graphviz_2.40.1-2_amd64 bug


       lneato - A Customizable Graph Editor


       lneato [ -V ] [ -lmmode ] [ -ellev ] [ file ]


       lneato  is  a graph editor for the X Window System.  It may be run as a standalone editor,
       or as a front end for applications that use  graphs.   It  can  control  multiple  windows
       viewing different graphs.

       lneato  is  written  on  top  of neato and lefty.  lefty is a general-purpose programmable
       editor for technical pictures.  It has an interpretive programming language similar to AWK
       and  C.   The  user  interface and graph editing operations of lneato are written as lefty
       functions.  Programmer-defined graph operations may be loaded as well.  Graph layouts  are
       made  by  neato,  which  runs  as  a separate process that communicates with lefty through

       If the input graph contains xdot attributes, lneato will use that to  display  the  graph.
       Otherwise, it runs neato to obtain layout information.


       The  file  name  is optional. If present, the graph contained in that file is displayed in
       the lneato window.


       -V     Prints the version.

              Sets the layout mode. The mode can be sync or async. The default is async.

       -ellev Sets the mesage level. The lev can be 0 or 1. The default is 0.


       neato(1), lefty(1), dotty(1), xdot(3),
       dotty user guide.