Provided by: lxqt-session_0.12.0-5_amd64 bug


       startlxqt - script to initialize and launch LXQt sessions




       startlxqt  is  a shell script meant to initialize and launch LXQt sessions.  It is as such
       similar to counterparts of other desktop environments like startlxde in LXDE  or  startkde
       in KDE.

       It's main tasks are exporting environment variables, partly after performing corresponding
       checks, and launching lxqt-session, the LXQt session manager.

       It is not meant to be run by users.  Rather, it is invoked as backend,  e.  g.  by  script
       startx on virtual terminals or display managers like SDDM or LightDM, see section EXAMPLE.


            Desktop entry file stating startlxqt as binary needed to start LXQt sessions. Sourced
            e. g.  by display managers.


       None    at    the    time    of    this    writing.    Bugs    can    be    reported    on


       To start an LXQt session from a virtual terminal (virtual console) add a line

            exec startlxqt

       to file ~/.xinitrc. An LXQt session will then be launched by running startx.

       Display managers are making use of scripts like startlxqt automatically. Information about
       available desktop environments is provided  by  files  $XDG_DATA_DIRS/xsessions/*.desktop,
       typically /usr/share/xessions/*.desktop.
       File  lxqt.desktop provided by LXQt is stating startlxqt in key Exec while making sure the
       session manager lxqt-session does exist by stating it in key TryExec.


       lxqt-session(1) startx(1) sddm(1)
            Desktop Entry Specification defining desktop entry files (*.desktop).