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       tilix - Tiling GTK3 terminal emulator for GNOME


       tilix [options]


       tilix  is  an  advanced  GTK3  tiling  terminal emulator designed to adhere to Gnome Human
       Interface Guidelines.


       The tilix application accepts the following command line parameters:

       -h --help
              Show help options.

       -v --version
              Show the version of Tilix as well as the versions of dependent components.

       -w --working-directory=DIRECTORY
              Set the working directory of the terminal.

       -p --profile=PROFILE_NAME
              Set the starting profile using the name of one of the existing profiles. If a  name
              is passed that does not correspond to an existing profile, the default profile will
              be used.

       -t --title=TITLE
              Set the title of the new terminal.

       -s --session=SESSION_NAME
              Open the specified session file which has been previously saved. Session files  are
              saved from within Tilix, they store the complete layout of the session enabling the
              user to re-load it when required. Note that only the layout and layout options  are
              saved,  this  will  not  restore  the terminal to where it was left off, rather new
              terminals are created.

       -a --action=ACTION_NAME
              Perform an action  in  the  current  Tilix  instance,  the  following  actions  are

              session-add-right Adds a new terminal to the right of the current terminal.

              session-add-down Adds a new terminal down from the current terminal.

              app-new-session Creates a new Tilix session within the current window.

              app-new-window Creates a new Tilix window.

       -e --command=COMMAND
              Execute all text after this parameter as a command, thus this parameter must be the
              last parameter.

              Maximize the terminal window.

              Minimize the terminal window.

              Full-screen the terminal window.

              Focus the existing window.

              Start an additional Tilix instance as a new process. By default and as per  GTK+  3
              guidelines,  Tilix  maintains  a  single  process  that all windows belong to. This
              option forces Tilix to start as a separate process. This is not recommended and  is
              intended  for  debugging  purposes  only,  using this option will prevent different
              Tilix windows from communicating with each other.

              Set the window size; for example: 80x24, or 80x24+200+200 (COLSxROWS+X+Y).

       -q --quake
              Open a window in quake mode or toggle existing quake mode window visibility.

              Show the Tilix preferences dialog directly.




       See bugs at


       Gerald Nunn and other contributors.