Provided by: libsystemd-dev_237-3ubuntu10.57_amd64 bug


       sd_event_source_set_prepare - Set a preparation callback for event sources


       #include <systemd/sd-event.h>

       int sd_event_source_set_prepare(sd_event_source *source, sd_event_handler_t callback);

       typedef int (*sd_event_handler_t)(sd_event_source *s, void *userdata);


       sd_event_source_set_prepare() may be used to set a preparation callback for the event
       source object specified as source. The callback function specified as callback will be
       invoked immediately before the event loop goes to sleep to wait for incoming events. It is
       invoked with the user data pointer passed when the event source was created. The event
       source will be disabled if the callback function returns a negative error code. The
       callback function may be used to reconfigure the precise events to wait for. If the
       callback parameter is passed as NULL the callback function is reset.

       Event source objects have no preparation callback associated when they are first created
       with calls such as sd_event_add_io(3), sd_event_add_time(3). Preparation callback
       functions are supported for all event source types with the exception of those created
       with sd_event_add_exit(3). Preparation callback functions are dispatched in the order
       indicated by the event source's priority field, as set with
       sd_event_source_set_priority(3). Preparation callbacks of disabled event sources (see
       sd_event_source_set_enabled(3)) are not invoked.


       On success, sd_event_source_set_prepare() returns a non-negative integer. On failure, it
       returns a negative errno-style error code.


       Returned errors may indicate the following problems:

           source is not a valid pointer to an sd_event_source object.

           The event loop is already terminated.

           Not enough memory.

           The event loop has been created in a different process.

           The specified event source has been created with sd_event_add_exit(3).


       These APIs are implemented as a shared library, which can be compiled and linked to with
       the libsystemd pkg-config(1) file.


       sd-event(3), sd_event_add_io(3), sd_event_add_time(3), sd_event_add_child(3),
       sd_event_add_signal(3), sd_event_add_defer(3), sd_event_source_set_enabled(3),
       sd_event_source_set_priority(3), sd_event_source_set_userdata(3)