Provided by: autorandr_1.4-1_all bug


       autorandr - Automatically change screen layout


       autorandr [options]


       -h, --help
           get this small help

       -c, --change
           reload current setup

       -s, --save <profile>
           save your current setup to profile <profile>

       -r, --remove <profile>
           remove profile <profile>

       -l, --load <profile>
           load profile <profile>

       -d, --default <profile>
           make profile <profile> the default profile

       --skip-options <option>
           comma  separated  list  of  xrandr  arguments (e.g. "gamma") to skip both in detecting
           changes and applying a profile

           force (re)loading of a profile

           fingerprint your current hardware setup

           dump your current xrandr setup

           don't change anything, only print the xrandr commands

           enable verbose output

           run autorandr for all users with active X11 sessions


       To prevent a profile from being loaded, place a script called "block"  in  its  directory.
       The  script is evaluated before the screen setup is inspected, and in case of it returning
       a value of 0 the profile is skipped. This can be used to query the  status  of  a  docking
       station you are about to leave.

       If  no  suitable  profile can be identified, the current configuration is kept.  To change
       this behaviour and switch to a fallback configuration, specify --default <profile>.

       Another script called "postswitch" can be placed in the directory ~/.config/autorandr  (or
       ~/.autorandr  if  you have an old installation) as well as in any profile directories: The
       scripts are executed after a mode switch has taken place and can notify window managers.


       The following virtual configurations are available:

       common Clone all connected outputs at the largest common resolution

              Clone all connected outputs with the largest resolution (scaled down if necessary)

              Stack all connected outputs horizontally at their largest resolution

              Stack all connected outputs vertically at their largest resolution


       # save the current setup and make it the default
       autorandr --save mysetup
       autorandr --default mysetup
       # put laptop in dock (or plug in additional monitors)
       # run appropriate xrandr commands to fix things up
       autorandr --save docked_setup
       # now remove the laptop from the dock, and settings return to mysetup


       Autorandr is written and maintained by Phillip Berndt, with contributions by many  others.
       See for more information.