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       dicomscope - DICOM Viewer


       dicomscope DICOMFile.dcm


       This manual page documents briefly the dicomscope command.

       DICOMscope  is a free DICOM viewer which can display uncompressed, monochrome DICOM images
       from all modalities and which supports monitor calibration according to DICOM part  14  as
       well as presentation states. DICOMscope offers a print client (DICOM Basic Grayscale Print
       Management) which also implements the optional Presentation LUT SOP Class. The development
       of  this  prototype  was  commissioned by the "Committee for the Advancement of DICOM" and
       demonstrated at the European Congress of Radiology  ECR  1999.  An  enhanced  version  was
       developed  for  the  "DICOM  Display  Consistency Demonstration" at RSNA InfoRAD 1999. The
       current release 3.5.1 has been demonstrated at ECR 2001 and contains numerous  extensions,
       including  a  print  server, support for encrypted DICOM communication, digital signatures
       and structured reporting.

       DICOMscope is not meant as a competition for commercial DICOM viewers. The application  is
       rather  a  feasibility study for DICOM presentation states. The program is not appropriate
       to be used in a clinical environment, e.g. for reporting.


       This software is made available, as is, and OFFIS, the Institute for Microtherapy / VISUS-
       TT and OTech make no warranty regarding the software, its performance, its merchantability
       or fitness for any particular use, freedom from any computer diseases or its conformity to
       any  specification.  The entire risk as to quality and performance of the software is with
       the user. This software is intended for investigational use only. It has not  been  tested
       or approved for clinical application or production environments.


       See the project homepage for more information.


       Copyright (C) 1994-2005 by Kuratorium OFFIS e.V., Escherweg 2, 26121 Oldenburg, Germany.

       This  manual  page  was  written  by  Mathieu  Malaterre <> for the Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).