Provided by: dirb_2.22+dfsg-3_amd64 bug


       dirb - Web Content Scanner


       dirb <url_base> <url_base> [<wordlist_file(s)>] [options]


       DIRB  IS  a  Web  Content  Scanner.  It looks for existing (and/or hidden) Web Objects. It
       basically works by launching a dictionary basesd attack against a web server and analizing
       the response.


       -a <agent_string>
                Specify your custom USER_AGENT.  (Default is: "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0;
              Windows NT 5.1)")

       -b      Don't squash or merge sequences of /../ or /./ in the given URL.

       -c <cookie_string>
               Set a cookie for the HTTP request.

       -E <certificate>
               Use the specified client certificate file.

       -f      Fine tunning of NOT_FOUND (404) detection.

       -H <header_string>
               Add a custom header to the HTTP request.

       -i      Use case-insensitive Search.

       -l      Print "Location" header when found.

       -N <nf_code>
               Ignore responses with this HTTP code.

       -o <output_file>
               Save output to disk.

       -p <proxy[:port]>
               Use this proxy. (Default port is 1080)

       -P <proxy_username:proxy_password>
               Proxy Authentication.

       -r      Don't Search Recursively.

       -R      Interactive Recursion.  (Ask in which directories you want to scan)

       -S      Silent Mode. Don't show tested words. (For dumb terminals)

       -t      Don't force an ending '/' on URLs.

       -u <username:password>
               Username and password to use.

       -v      Show Also Not Existent Pages.

       -w      Don't Stop on WARNING messages.

       -x <extensions_file>
               Amplify search with the extensions on this file.

       -X <extensions>
               Amplify search with this extensions.

       -z <milisecs>
               Amplify search with this extensions.