Provided by: lua-any_24_all bug


       lua-any - Helper script for multi-Lua-version shebang lines


       Some  Lua  scripts  work  with  multiple versions of Lua but not all of them. The upstream
       author of the software may hence have chosen the loose shebang line:

                       #!/usr/bin/env lua

       In Debian /usr/bin/lua is a valid Lua interpreter but it is under the control of the user,
       that  can set its value to the Lua version of its choice, even one that is not able to run
       the script in question.

       lua-any is a helper that understands metadata written in comments and selects a valid  Lua
       interpreter. Example:

                       #!/usr/bin/env lua-any
                       -- Lua-Versions: 5.1 5.2

       lua-any  tests in turn the existence of lua5.1 and lua5.2 and executes the script with the
       first existing interpreter.


       lua-any looks only at the first 10 lines of the script for metadata, i.e. it processes the
       file trough the head utility.

       The  format  of  a  line  is  essentially key:value, where leading and trailing spaces are
       removed from value. The key is matched in a case insensitive way.  The  Lua  comment,  --,
       must have no leading spaces.

       The following keys are supported:

              Space separated list of Lua versions.

              The common root of all interpreters. By default its value is /usr/bin/lua. Each Lua
              version selected in Lua-Versions is simply appended to it in order  to  obtain  the
              full name of the interpreter.

              Extra  arguments  to be passed to Lua interpreters, like -l lfs. By default this is


       A package using lua-any should declare  its  dependencies  on  Lua  interpreters  using  a
       disjunction. Example:

                       Depends: lua-any, lua5.1 | lua5.2


       Enrico Tassi <>