Provided by: delta_2006.08.03-8_amd64 bug


       multidelta - heuristic minimizer of interesting files


       multidelta [options] test-script initial-file [initial-file...]


       Delta assists you in minimizing "interesting" files subject to a test of their
       interestingness. A common such situation is when attempting to isolate a small failure-
       inducing substring of a large input that causes your program to exhibit a bug.

       You supply multidelta with

       • a test shell script which decides if the input files are "interesting" (test-script) and

       • an initial set of input files.

       When the script is run with a source file as an argument, it should do any single-file
       integrity checks on that file.  Then, it should proceed to check the entire build, on the
       assumption that all other files have already passed their integrity checks.

       When the script is run with no arguments, it should check integrity of all files and then
       check the build.

       So that the script does not need to have the list of input files hard-coded in, the
       environment variable "multidelta_all_files" is always set to a space-separated list of the
       filenames no matter how the script is run.


           When topformflatten(1)ing, flatten to level n. The default is 0.

       -u  Undo the last invocation, by copying the *.bak files onto the original copies.

           Before flattening run the source through the cpp(1) preprocessor.


       singledelta(1), topformflat(1)

       Delta Debugging project <>