Provided by: onboard_1.4.1-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       onboard - On-screen Keyboard


       onboard [ options ]


       onboard   is an on-screen keyboard that can be useful for tablet PC users, as well as  for
       mobility impaired people.

       onboard supports macros, easy layout creation and word suggestion.


       onboard accepts the following command-line options:

       -h, --help
              Display a help with all available command line options and exit.

       -l <LAYOUT>, --layout=<LAYOUT>
              Layout file (.onboard) or name

       -t <THEME>, --theme=<THEME>
              Theme file (.theme) or name

       -x <X> Window x position

       -y <Y> Window y position

       -s <SIZE>, --size=<SIZE>
              Window size, widthxheight

       -e, --xid
              Start in XEmbed mode, e.g. for gnome-screensaver

       -a, --keep-aspect
              Keep aspect ratio when resizing the window

       -d <DEBUG>, --debug=<DEBUG>

       -m, --allow-multiple-instances
              Allow multiple Onboard instances

       -q <QUIRKS>, --quirks=<QUIRKS>
              Override auto-detection and manually select quirks QUIRKS={metacity|compiz|mutter}

              Silently fail to start in the given desktop environments. <DESKTOPS>  is  a  comma-
              separated list of XDG desktop names, e.g. GNOME for GNOME Shell.

       -g, --log-learning
              log all learned text; off by default




       This  manual  has been written by Mike Gabriel <> by using
       the options from (see COPYING file for authors of options).  It  is  distributed
       under the GPL-3+ license.