Provided by: cifs-utils_6.8-1_amd64 bug


       setcifsacl - Userspace helper to alter an ACL in a security descriptor for Common Internet
       File System (CIFS)


       setcifsacl [-v|-a|-D|-M|-S] "{one or more ACEs}" {file system object}


       This tool is part of the cifs-utils suite.

       setcifsacl is a userspace helper program for the Linux CIFS client  file  system.   It  is
       intended  to  alter  an  ACL of a security descriptor for a file system object.  Whether a
       security descriptor to be set is applied or not is determined by the CIFS/SMB server.

       This program uses a plugin to handle  the  mapping  of  user  and  group  names  to  SIDs.
       /etc/cifs-utils/idmap-plugin   should  be  a  symlink that points to the correct plugin to


          Print usage message and exit.

          Print version number and exit.

          Add one or more ACEs to an ACL of a security descriptor.  An ACE is added even  if  the
          same ACE exists in the ACL.

          Delete  one or more ACEs from an ACL of a security descriptor.  Entire ACE has to match
          in an existing ACL for the listed ACEs to be deleted.

          Modify one or more ACEs from an ACL of a security descriptor.  SID and type are used to
          match for existing ACEs to be modified with the list of ACEs specified.

          Set  an  ACL  of  security  descriptor  with  the list of ACEs Existing ACL is replaced
          entirely with the specified ACEs.

          Every ACE entry starts with "ACL:" One or more ACEs are specified within double quotes.
          Multiple ACEs are separated by a comma.

          Following fields of an ACE can be modified with possible values:

          SID - Either a name or a raw SID value.

          type - ALLOWED (0x0), DENIED (0x1), OBJECT_ALLOWED (0x5), OBJECT_DENIED (0x6)

          flags   -   OBJECT_INHERIT_FLAG  (OI  or  0x1),  CONTAINER_INHERIT_FLAG  (CI  or  0x2),
          NO_PROPAGATE_INHERIT_FLAG   (NI   or   0x4),    INHERIT_ONLY_FLAG    (IO    or    0x8),
          INHERITED_ACE_FLAG (IA or 0x10) or a combination/OR of these values.

          mask - Either one of FULL, CHANGE, READ, a combination of R W X D P O, or a hex value


   Add an ACE
          setcifsacl -a "ACL:CIFSTESTDOM\user2:DENIED/0x1/D" <file_name>
          setcifsacl -a "ACL:CIFSTESTDOM\user1:ALLOWED/OI|CI|NI/D" <file_name>

   Delete an ACE
          setcifsacl -D "ACL:S-1-1-0:0x1/OI/0x1201ff" <file_name>

   Modify an ACE
          setcifsacl -M "ACL:CIFSTESTDOM\user1:ALLOWED/0x1f/CHANGE" <file_name>

   Set an ACL
          setcifsacl -S "ACL:CIFSTESTDOM\Administrator:0x0/0x0/FULL,ACL:CIFSTESTDOM\user2:0x0/0x0/FULL" <file_name>


       Kernel  support for getcifsacl/setcifsacl utilities was initially introduced in the 2.6.37


       mount.cifs(8), getcifsacl(1)


       Shirish Pargaonkar wrote the setcifsacl program.

       The Linux CIFS Mailing list is the  preferred  place  to  ask  questions  regarding  these