Provided by: ubuntu-defaults-builder_0.57_all bug


       ubuntu-defaults-image - create installation image from default settings package


       ubuntu-defaults-image [ options ] --ppa lpusername/ppaname --locale fr_FR

       ubuntu-defaults-image [ options ] --package /path/to/myproject-defaults_0.1_all.deb


       The  ubuntu-defaults-builder  project  allows  you  to  easily create a "default settings"
       package for Ubuntu and then build a customized image with it.  The main purpose  for  this
       is  to  provide  a  standard and safe way to create localized Ubuntu images, or OEM custom

       Please see ubuntu-defaults-template(1) for how to create a "default settings" package with
       the customizations.  With such a package, you can build installation images.

       If  you  are  planning  to  actually  publish  these images, you need to have the defaults
       package in an archive, either the Ubuntu archive itself  or  a  personal  package  archive
       (PPA). That way you can provide updates for it post-release, and support upgrades to newer
       Ubuntu releases properly. In this case you need to specify a package name  with  --package
       or  a locale with --locale which will then assume that the canonical defaults package name
       for locale ll_CC is ubuntu-defaults-ll-cc.

       If the specified defaults package is not in Ubuntu, but in a PPA, you can add the  PPA  to
       the image with the --ppa option.

       While  developing  the  defaults package and doing test image builds, you can also specify
       the full path to the .deb with --package  projectdir/myproject-defaults_0.1_all.deb.  This
       avoids having to upload the defaults package to a PPA for each test iteration.

       Note  that  running this program will need a lot of disk space, an order of 3 GB.  It will
       create a lot of temporary files and a cache directory in the  current  directory  you  are
       running this in, so please change to an empty scratch directory.


       --package package name or path
              Install  this  default  settings  package.  Can be a simple name (in which case the
              package needs to be apt-get'able) or path to a local .deb package for testing.

       --locale ll_CC
              Defaults   packages   for    localized    Ubuntu    images    should    be    named
              ubuntu-defaults-ll-cc.  This option will install the corresponding defaults package
              for the given locale.

       --ppa  lp_username/ppa_name
              Enable an additional personal package archive (PPA) on the image. This  is  usually
              the archive providing the defaults package. Example: "joe/myproject-defaults".

       --arch architecture
              Specify the architecture of the image build, e. g. "i386" or "amd64". If not given,
              it builds for the host system architecture.

       --release release
              Specify the Ubuntu release code name on which  image  build  is  based  on,  e.  g.
              "oneiric". If not given, it builds for the host system release.

       --components component[,component...]
              Specify  the archive components which are enabled during image build. If not given,
              this uses "main,restricted",  which  is  how  standard  Ubuntu  images  are  built.
              However,  if  your defaults package is in universe, or has dependencies to universe
              packages, you need to use "main,restricted,universe".

              Do not remove apt indexes from live  system  (/var/lib/apt/lists/*_Packages).  This
              will  significantly  enlarge the resulting ISO image, but will make package related
              operations work without an initial apt-get update run.

       --help Print a summary of the options.


       As mentioned above, change to an empty scratch directory on a drive with at least 3 GB  of
       free space.

       For a first test, you can call


       to  build  an  "defaults-builder-test"  package  with  all  the  template example settings
       enabled. (Please see ubuntu-defaults-template(1) for details).

       To build an iso out of this, run

           ubuntu-defaults-image   --package   ./defaults-builder-test_0.1_all.deb   --components

       You  need  to  enable universe as the defaults-builder-test has extra dependencies on some
       universe packages like "manpages-de".

       For building a localized Ubuntu image for Chinese/China (i. e. with the  "ubuntu-defaults-
       zh-cn" package), you use

           ubuntu-defaults-image --locale zh_CN  --components main,restricted,universe

       As ubuntu-defaults-zh-cn is in the Ubuntu archive, you don't need to specify a --ppa.


       ubuntu-defaults-template(1), live-build(7)


       ubuntu-defaults-builder is developed by Martin Pitt <>.