Provided by: libfontconfig1-dev_2.12.6-0ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       FcFileScan - scan a font file


       #include <fontconfig/fontconfig.h>

       FcBool  FcFileScan  (FcFontSet *set, FcStrSet *dirs, FcFileCache *cache, FcBlanks *blanks,
       const FcChar8 *file, FcBool force);


       Scans a single file and adds all fonts found to set.  If force is FcTrue, then the file is
       scanned  even  if associated information is found in cache.  If file is a directory, it is
       added to dirs. Whether fonts are found depends on fontconfig policy as well as the current
       configuration.  Internally,  fontconfig  will  ignore  BDF  and PCF fonts which are not in
       Unicode (or the effectively equivalent ISO Latin-1) encoding as those are  not  usable  by
       Unicode-based  applications.  The  configuration  can  ignore  fonts  based on filename or
       contents of the font file itself. Returns FcFalse if any of the fonts cannot be added (due
       to allocation failure). Otherwise returns FcTrue.