Provided by: kbd_2.0.4-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       loadunimap - load the kernel unicode-to-font mapping table


       loadunimap [ -C console ] [ -o oldmap ] [ map ]


       The  loadunimap command is obsolete - its function is now built-in into setfont.  However,
       for backwards compatibility it is still available as a separate command.

       The program loadunimap loads the specified  map  in  the  kernel  unicode-to-font  mapping
       table.  If no map is given def is assumed.  The default extension (that can be omitted) is

       If the -o oldmap option is given, the old map is saved in the file specified.

       On Linux 2.6.1 and later one can specify the console device using the -C option.

       Usually one does not call loadunimap directly - its function is also built into setfont.


       /usr/share/unimaps is the default directory for unicode mappings.


       mapscrn(8), setfont(8)

                                            2004-01-01                              LOADUNIMAP(8)