Provided by: flatpak_1.6.5-0ubuntu0.4_amd64 bug


       flatpak-config - Manage configuration


       flatpak config [OPTION...]

       flatpak config [OPTION...] --set KEY VALUE

       flatpak config [OPTION...] --unset|--get KEY


       The flatpak config command shows or modifies the configuration of a flatpak installation.
       The following keys are supported:

           The languages that are included when installing Locale extensions. The value is a
           semicolon-separated list of two-letter language codes, or one of the special values *
           or all. If this key is unset, flatpak defaults to including the extra-languages key
           and the current locale.

           This key is used when languages is not set, and it defines extra locale extensions on
           top of the system configured languages. The value is a semicolon-separated list of
           locale identifiers (language, optional locale, optional codeset, optional modifier) as
           documented by setlocale(3) (for example,

       For configuration of individual remotes, see flatpak-remote-modify(1). For configuration
       of individual applications, see flatpak-override(1).


       The following options are understood:

       -h, --help
           Show help options and exit.

           Print all keys and their values.

           Set key KEY to VALUE.

           Unset key KEY.

           Print value of KEY.

           Configure per-user installation.

           Configure system-wide installation.

           Configure the system-wide installation specified by NAME among those defined in
           /etc/flatpak/installations.d/. Using --installation=default is equivalent to using

       -v, --verbose
           Print debug information during command processing.

           Print OSTree debug information during command processing.


       $ flatpak config --set languages "sv;en;fi"


       flatpak(1), flatpak-remote-modify(1), flatpak-override(1)