Provided by: ostree_2020.3-1_amd64 bug


       ostree-find-remotes - Find remotes to serve the given refs


       ostree find-remotes [OPTIONS...] {COLLECTION-ID} {REF} [COLLECTION-ID REF...]


       OSTree has the ability do pulls not just from configured remote servers but also from peer
       computers on the LAN and from mounted filesystems such as USB drives. This functionality
       requires the use of collection IDs and GPG verification.

       The find-remotes command searches for remotes which claim to provide one or more of the
       given COLLECTION-ID REF pairs and prints information about them, with remotes sorted by
       latency (Mounts > LAN > Internet). By default, OSTree searches for remotes in
       configuration files, on mounted filesystems (in a well-known location), and on the LAN
       using Avahi. Searching for LAN remotes requires OSTree to have been compiled with Avahi
       support, and it requires an Avahi daemon to be running. You can override the default set
       of finders (sources for remotes) using the --finders option documented below.

       The create-usb command is the recommended way to put refs on a USB such that find-remotes
       will discover them. See ostree-create-usb(1).


           Do not invoke fsync().

           Use the specified comma separated list of finders rather than the default set.
           Possible values: config, lan, and mount (or any combination thereof).

           Pull the most recent commit found for each ref.


       $ ostree find-remotes --finders=mount,lan com.exampleos.Os exampleos/x86_64/standard

           Result 0:
            - Finder: OstreeRepoFinderAvahi
            - Keyring: exampleos.trustedkeys.gpg
            - Priority: 60
            - Summary last modified: 2018-01-12T19:00:28Z
            - Refs:
               - (com.exampleos.Os, exampleos/x86_64/standard) = c91acd964b3fda561b87bfb7f7c80e36220d76b567f0ce90c0e60742ef33c360

           1/1 refs were found.