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       repodiff - list differences between two or more Yum repositories


       repodiff --old=old_repo_baseurl --new=new_repo_baseurl


       repodiff  is a program which will list differences between two sets of repositories.  Note
       that by default only source packages are compared.


       --old, -o
              Add a repo. as an old repo.

       --new, -n
              Add a repo. as an new repo.

       --archlist, -a
              Add architectures to change the default from just comparing source packages.   Note
              that  if  you want the same as a native "x86_64" architecture machine you just need
              to pass "x86_64" (this is different from  earlier  versions  where  you  needed  to
              specify "x86_64,athlon,i686,i586,i486,i386,noarch" and you still got "src").

       --size, -s
              Output additional data about the size of the changes.

              Normally  packages  are  just  compared  based  on  their name, this flag makes the
              comparison also use the arch. So foo.i386 and foo.x86_64 are different.


       Compare source pkgs in two local repos:
              repodiff --old=/tmp/repo-old --new=/tmp/repo-new

       Compare x86_64 compat. binary pkgs in two remote repos, and two local one:
              repodiff   -a   x86_64    --old=    --old=/tmp/repo-old
              --new= --new=/tmp/repo-new

       Compare x86_64 compat. binary pkgs, but also compare arch:
              repodiff     -a     x86_64     --compare-arch    --old=
              --old=/tmp/repo-old --new= --new=/tmp/repo-new


       yum.conf (5)


       See the Authors file included with this program.


       There are of course no bugs, but should you find any, you should  first  consult  the  FAQ
       section  on  and  if unsuccessful in finding a resolution
       contact  the   mailing   list:    To   file   a   bug   use      for      Fedora/RHEL/Centos      related      bugs     and for all other bugs.