Provided by: sacc_1.00-1_amd64 bug


       sacc - a terminal gopher client


       sacc URL


       sacc  is  a  terminal  gopher client. Gopher is a simple protocol to retrieve hierarchical
       information. The protocol is defined in RFC 1436 (Gopher).


       Shortcuts can be redefined in the config.h.  The manpage is showing the default shortcuts.

       Down or j
              Move one line down.

       J      Move to the next link item downwards.

       Up or k
              Move one line up.

       K      Move to the next link item upwards.

       PgDown or Space
              Move one page down.

       PgUp or b
              Move one page up.

       Home or g
              Move to the top of the page.

       End or G
              Move to the end of the page.

       Right or l
              View highlighted item.

       Left or h
              View previous item.

       L      Refetch currently viewed item.

       /      Search in the current page.

       n      Search the same string forward.

       N      Search the same string backwards.

       u      Print URI of the highlighted item.

       ?      Show the help message of shortcuts.

       ^D or q
              Exit sacc.


       When some file is opened sacc cannot open natively, it will run  xdg-open.   This  can  be
       configured in the config.h to run some other plumber.


       sacc  can  be  customized by creating a custom config.h and (re)compiling the source code.
       This keeps it fast, secure and simple.


       See the LICENSE file for the authors.


       See the LICENSE file for the terms of redistribution.


       geomyidae(8), clic(1), xdg-open(1)


       Please report them to Quentin Rameau <>

                                            2018-02-24                                    SACC(1)