Provided by: ttyrec_1.0.8-5.1_amd64 bug


       ttyrec - a tty recorder


       ttyrec [-a] [-u] [-e command] [file]


       Ttyrec  is  a  tty recorder.  It is a derivative of script(1) command for recording timing
       information with microsecond accuracy as well.  It can record emacs -nw, vi, lynx, or  any
       programs running on tty.

       Ttyrec  invokes  a shell and records the session until the shell exits.  Recorded data can
       be played back with ttyplay(1).  If the argument  file  is  given,  the  session  will  be
       recorded in that file.  Otherwise, ttyrecord is used as default.


       -a     Append the output to file or ttyrecord, rather than overwriting it.

       -u     With  this option, ttyrec automatically calls uudecode(1) and saves its output when
              uuencoded data appear on the session.  It allow you to transfer files  from  remote
              host.   You  can  call ttyrec with this option, login to the remote host and invoke
              uuencode(1) on it for the file you want to transfer.

       -e command
              Invoke command when ttyrec starts.


       SHELL  If the variable SHELL exists, the shell forked by ttyrec will be  that  shell.   If
              it's  not  set,  the  Bourne  shell  is  assumed.   (Most  shells set this variable


       script(1), ttyplay(1), ttytime(1), uuencode(1), uudecode(1)