Provided by: epiphany-browser_3.36.1-1_amd64 bug


       epiphany - a simple, clean, beautiful view of the web


       epiphany [OPTION...] [url]


       epiphany  is the codename of GNOME Web, the web browser designed for the GNOME desktop and
       elementary OS.  It offers a simple, clean, beautiful view of the web featuring first-class
       GNOME and Pantheon desktop integration, using WebKitGTK for web rendering.


              Open a new browser window instead of a new tab

       -l, --load-session=FILE
              Load the given session state file

       -i, --incognito-mode
              Start an instance with user data read-only

       -p, --private-instance
              Start a private instance with separate user data

       -a, --application-mode[=BASENAME]
              Start  a  private instance in web application mode (requires passing either desktop
              file basename or --profile)

              Start a private instance for WebDriver control

              Custom profile directory for private instance (optional)

       -?, --help
              Show help options

              Show version

       Epiphany has a comprehensive help system.  Run the browser and select Help from the menu.


       Written by Marco Pesenti Gritti (in memoriam), Christian Persch, Xan Lopez, Carlos  Garcia
       Campos, Claudio Saavedra, Michael Catanzaro, Jan-Michael Brummer, and many others.

                                           January 2019                               EPIPHANY(1)