Provided by: pacman_10-18build1_amd64 bug


       pacman - the game of pacman


       pacman [grey]


       Pacman is an old action game.

       You  are  Pacman, and you are supposed to eat all the small dots to get to the next level.
       You are also supposed to keep away from the ghosts, if they take you, you lose  one  life,
       unless  you  have eaten a large dot, then you can, for a limited amount of time, chase and
       eat the ghosts. There is also bonus available, for a limited amount of time.  An  X  gives
       just points, but a little pacman gives an extra life.

       You use either keyboard or mouse. Default from start is keyboard.

       Keyboard mode: To move use arrows, to quit, press q, to use mouse, press m.

       Mouse mode: To move, move mouse, to quit, press RButton, to use keyboard, press LButton.

       Details:  When  pacman  has  moved  to  a  new place, if you want it to change it's moving
       direction, hit key/move mouse until it has moved.


       grey    To start in grey mode instead of the default color.


       DISPLAY To get default display.


       Roar Thronaes,
       This man page written by Joerg Wunsch,