Provided by: iproute2_5.5.0-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       rdma-dev - RDMA device configuration


       rdma [ OPTIONS ] dev  { COMMAND | help }

       OPTIONS := { -V[ersion] | -d[etails] }

       rdma dev show [ DEV ]

       rdma dev set [ DEV ] name NEWNAME

       rdma dev set [ DEV ] netns NSNAME

       rdma dev set [ DEV ] adaptive-moderation [on/off]

       rdma dev help


   rdma dev set - rename RDMA device or set network namespace or set RDMA device adaptive-
   rdma dev show - display RDMA device attributes
       DEV - specifies the RDMA device to show.  If this argument is omitted all devices are


       rdma dev
           Shows the state of all RDMA devices on the system.

       rdma dev show mlx5_3
           Shows the state of specified RDMA device.

       rdma dev set mlx5_3 name rdma_0
           Renames the mlx5_3 device to rdma_0.

       rdma dev set mlx5_3 netns foo
           Changes the network namespace of RDMA device to foo where foo is previously created
           using iproute2 ip command.

       rdma dev set mlx5_3 adaptive-moderation [on/off]
           Sets the state of adaptive interrupt moderation for the RDMA device.
           This is a global setting for the RDMA device but the value is printed for each CQ
           individually because the state is constant from CQ allocation.


       ip(8), rdma(8), rdma-link(8), rdma-resource(8), rdma-system(8), rdma-statistic(8),


       Leon Romanovsky <>