Provided by: guitarix_0.42.1+dfsg1-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       guitarix - A Rock guitar amplifier for Jack


       gtick [options]


       Guitarix  is  a  rock guitar amplifier for Jack (Jack Audio Connection Kit) with one input
       and two output's. It is designed to get nice trash/metall/rock/guitar  sounds.   Available
       are controls for bass, treble, gain, balance, distortion, freeverb, crybaby(wah) and echo.
       For the 'pressure' in the sound you can use the feedback and feedforward sliders. guitarix
       comes with a GTK+ Interface and as Ladspa plugin.


       guitarix accepts the following options:

       -h, --help
              Show help options

              Show all help options

              GTK style configuration options

              JACK configuration options

              Switch to bypass mode on overload condition

              File options

              Debug options

              Show GTK+ options

       -v, --version
              Print version string and exit

       -N, --nogui
              Print version string and exit

       -p, --rpcport=PORT
              Start a JSON-RPC server listening on port PORT

       -H, --rpcport=HOSTNAME
              Set hostname to connect to

       -G, --onlygui
              Start only GUI

       -L, --liveplaygui
              Start with Live Play GUI

       -M, --mute
              Start with engine muted

       -b, --bank=BANK:PRESET (A:0-Z:9)
              Set bank and preset to load at startup

       -b, --bank=BANK:PRESET (A:0-Z:9)
              --display=DISPLAY X display to use


       Hermann Meyer, James Warden, Andreas Degert.  This manpage was initially written by Roland
       Stigge <> for the Debian project but can be used elsewhere.