Provided by: mcpdisp_0.1.2-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       mcpdisp - provide a mackie control display panel


       mcpdisp [-hmtsV] [-x x] [-y y]


       mcpdisp  Mackie  Control Protocol Display Program.  Mcpdisp presents a jack midi port that
       will accept mackie control protocol display messages that would  normally  appear  on  the
       surface  "scribble  strip"  and displays them on the screen. The strip LEDs and meters are
       displayed as well. Mcpdisp also provides a through  midi  port  to  connect  back  to  the
       controller.  This  is handy for devices such as the BCF2000 or midikb that have no display
       of their own.

       A jack server must be running before mcpdisp is started or mcpdisp will fail.


       -h, --help
              Show usage text -m, --master Show master portion of display  -s,  --small  Make  it
              smaller  (for  low  resolution  screens) -t, --time Show Clock. This shows the time
              code or beats and bars information.  (only works with master enabled) -V, --version
              Show the version od mcpdisp and exit -xX-POSITION Number of pixels from the left to
              place mcpdisp -yY-POSITION Number of pixels from the top to place mcpdisp


       Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks dot net>