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       Qsynth - A fluidsynth Qt GUI Interface


       qsynth [options] [soundfonts] [midifiles]


       This manual page documents briefly the qsynth command.

       Qsynth  is  a  fluidsynth GUI front-end application written in C++ around the Qt framework
       using Qt Designer. Eventually it  may  evolve  into  a  softsynth  management  application
       allowing  the  user to control and manage a variety of command line softsynths but for the
       moment it wraps the excellent FluidSynth.

       FluidSynth is a command line software synthesiser based on the Soundfont specification.


       -n, --no-midi-in

              Don't create a midi driver to read MIDI input events [default = yes]

       -m, --midi-driver=[label]

              The name of the midi driver to use [oss, alsa, alsa_seq, ...]

       -K, --midi-channels=[num]

              The number of midi channels [default = 16]

       -a, --audio-driver=[label]

              The audio driver [alsa,jack,oss,dsound,...]

       -j, --connect-jack-outputs

              Attempt to connect the jack outputs to the physical ports

       -L, --audio-channels=[num]

              The number of stereo audio channels [default = 1]

       -G, --audio-groups=[num]

              The number of audio groups [default = 1]

       -z, --audio-bufsize=[size]

              Size of each audio buffer

       -c, --audio-bufcount=[count]

              Number of audio buffers

       -r, --sample-rate=[rate]

              Set the sample rate

       -R, --reverb[=flag]

              Turn the reverb on or off [1|0|yes|no|on|off, default = on]

       -C, --chorus[=flag]

              Turn the chorus on or off [1|0|yes|no|on|off, default = on]

       -g, --gain=[gain]

              Set the master gain [0 < gain < 10, default = 0.2]

       -o, --option [name=value]

              Define a setting name=value

       -s, --server

              Create and start server [default = no]

       -i, --no-shell

              Don't read commands from the shell [ignored]

       -d, --dump

              Dump midi router events

       -V, --verbose

              Print out verbose messages about midi events

       -h, --help

              Show help about command line options

       -v, --version

              Show version information


       Configuration settings are stored in ~/.config/




       Qsynth is written by Rui Nuno Capela, Richard Bown, Chris Cannam, Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas.

                                          June 17, 2014                                 QSYNTH(1)