Provided by: masqmail_0.3.4-1build1_amd64 bug


       rmail - handle remote mail received via uucp


       /usr/sbin/rmail recipient ...


       Rmail  is a wrapper around masqmail.  It reads a mail message on standard input and passes
       it to masqmail's standard input.  Rmail only removes the first line  from  the  input  and
       constructs the return path from it.

       Such a first line:

       From user Wed Jan  9 12:43:35 1985 remote from host Date: 9 Jan 1985   8:39 EST

       would generate this call to masqmail:

       masqmail -i -f user@host --

       (If ``'' was the argument to the rmail call.))


       Masqmail  was  written  by  Oliver  Kurth.   It  is  now  maintained  by  Markus  Schnalke

       You will find the newest version of masqmail at   There
       is also a mailing list, you will find information about it at masqmail's main site.

       This man page was written by markus schnalke <>


       Address  translations  from domain!user to user@domain is not done.  This rmail program is
       only very basic.  See sendmail for a more sophisticated rmail implementation.

       Please report bugs to the mailing list.