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       guake  -  A drop-down terminal for GNOME environment [image: computer with guake terminal]

       Welcome to the official Guake User Documentation.

       Guake is a dropdown terminal made for the GNOME  desktop  environment.  Guake's  style  of
       window  is  based  on  a  famous FPS game, and one of its goals is to be easy to reach and
       developer friendly.

       · Lightweight

       · Simple Easy and Elegant

       · Smooth integration of terminal into GUI


         Appears when you call and disappears once you are done by pressing a  predefined  hotkey
         (F12 by

       · Compiz transparency support

       · Multi tab

       · Plenty of color palettes

       · Quick  Open  in  your favorite text editor with a click on a file name (with line number

       · Customizable hotkeys for  tab  access,  reorganization,  background  transparency,  font

       · Extremely configurable

       · Configure Guake startup by running a bash script when Guake starts

       · Multi-monitor support (open on a specified monitor, open on mouse monitor)

       · Save terminal content to file

       · Open URL to your browser


   What is Guake?
       Guake  is  a  powerful  drop-down  terminal,  accessible  by  a simple hotkey. It has been
       designed to be the swiss knife of any developer willing to increase its productivity.

   Alternatives to Guake
       Here are some of the best terminals available on the Linux environments that bring similar
       features of Guake:

       · Tilda

       · Tilix

       · Yakuake (For the KDE)

       · GNOME Terminal

       · Terminator

   Guake 3 Features
       TBD: Long description of each feature

   Single Hotkey terminal

       · Appears  when  you call and disappears once you are done by pressing a predefined hotkey
         (F12 by default)

       · Customizable hotkeys for  tab  access,  reorganization,  background  transparency,  font

       Guake can now (>=3.1) starts automatically on GNOME startup.

   Advanced Tab Support
       Guake  has  several  modes available to manage tab. You can let guake automatically rename
       the tab or give you own name.

   Color Palettes
       Thanks to the Guake community, a huge number of Terminal palettes are provided out of  the

   GTK Theme
       Guake allows you to choose a different GTK theme than your environment.

          You need to restart Guake after changing the GTK theme.

   Quick Open, hyperlink and Search on web
       Guake  automatically finds URL printed in your terminal and allow you to click on it using
       [Ctrl]+click. Many other terminals, if not all, does that already.


       Guake is also able to find out file names and open it in your favorite code  editor,  such
       as Visual Studio Code, Atom or SublimText.

       Guake brings this to much more, by automatically parsing output of popular system commands
       such as gcc, Python's traceback or pytest report, and allowing you to  automatically  open
       the  file  at the correct line number. Guake is even able to find the Python function name
       automatically when used with pytest.  [image]

       Even if Guake cannot parse the output, you can still ask him to open a  wanted  file  path
       displayed  in your terminal, provided the file exists at this path. Simply select the full
       path and click using the [Ctrl]+click,  or  with  the  contextual  menu  on  right  click.

   Contextual menu
       Right  click  also  displays "Search on web" (if you have selected a text) and "Open link"
       (if the text under the cursor is a URL or if the selected text is a URL).

       Guake also supports HTML-like anchor with special characters such as:

          echo -e '\e]8;;\aThis is a link\e]8;;\a'

   HTML-like anchors
       You may need a recent version of the VTE (Virtual  Terminal  Emulator)  component  in  you
       system (vte >= 0.50).

   Multi Monitor
       TBD: Multi-monitor support (open on a specified monitor, open on mouse monitor)

   Hook points
       TBD: Configure Guake startup by running a bash script when Guake starts

   Save Terminal Content
       TBD: Save terminal content to file

   Custom Commands

   DBus commands
       The major features of guake are available on DBus.

   Tab UUID
       Tabs  are  uniquely  identified  with  a  UUID.  Each  terminal  receives this UUID in the
       following environment varialbe: GUAKE_TAB_UUID. It can be used to rename the tab from  the
       command line using --tab-index 3c542bc1-7c99-4e73-8d37-e08281bd592c.

   Installing Guake
   System-wide installation
       Always prefere using your package manager to install guake.

   Debian / Ubuntu
       Ubuntu and Debian users will use sudo apt install guake.

       Guake also has a PPA. You can add the Guake PPA to your system by entering:

          $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linuxuprising/guake
          $ sudo apt-get update

       After  which  you will be able to install and update to the latest version of Guake on the

       Tested in Fedora 34: We can use dnf to install it.

          $ sudo dnf install guake

       Then you can open it via:

          $ guake

       To allow global 'F12' to open the guake, go to Setting >> Device >> Keyboard >> Scroll  to
       bottom >> "+" to create a new global short cut with 'F12' keybinding and command 'guake'.

       You  may  notice  the  style may have some error. You can fix this by installing and apply
       custom theme.

          $ sudo dnf install arc-theme gnome-tweaks

       Then use

          $ gnome-tweaks

       to change theme to change theme to one of the yakuake will fix this.

   Arch Linux
       Guake is available on community repository, just use: sudo pacman -S guake to install it.

       Manjaro users can use pacman -S guake.

   Install from Pypi
       Guake is now automatically published on Pypi.

       Please note the recommended way is to install Guake using pipx that will put  Guake  in  a
       dedicated,  isolated  environment  for your local user. Ensure $HOME/.local/bin is in your

          $ python3 -m pip install --user pipx
          $ pipx install guake

       Alternatively, you can use the following command to install on a local environment:

          $ pip install --user guake

       Avoid using pip install guake without the --user, you may break your system.

       You need to ensure the following points are met in your configuration:

       · $HOME/.local/bin should be in your $PATH


         You need to have some dependencies installed on your system:

                · gir1.2-keybinder-3.0

                · gir1.2-notify-0.7

                · gir1.2-vte-2.91

                · libkeybinder-3.0-0

                · libutempter0

                · python3-setuptools

                · python3-cairo

                · python3-dbus

                · python3-gi

                · python3-pip

                · python3

   Install from source
       If you want to install Guake from its sources, please follow this procedure:


         First, DO NOT USE TARBALLS GENERATED BY GITHUB on the Release Page. They
                are automatically generated and cannot be used alone. We use  a  package,  namely
                PBR, that requires the full git history to work.

                Checkout the HEAD of the source tree with:

                   $ git clone


         make sure that you have the needed system dependencies (Python GTK, VTE, ...)
                installed for your system.  If you are unsure about the dependencies, you can run
                this script to install them:

                   $ ./scripts/bootstrap-dev-[debian, arch, fedora].sh run make

       Note: Insert your distribution in the square brackets.

       To install Guake itself, use:

          $ make
          $ sudo make install

       To uninstall, still in the source directory:

          $ make
          $ sudo make uninstall

       Tips for a complete Guake reinstallation (without system dependencies):

          $ sudo make uninstall && make && sudo make install
          $ # Or use this shortcut:
          $ make reinstall  # (do not sudo it!)

   Command Line Arguments
       Here is the command line interface Guake provides:

          Please run guake --help to see command line interface help

   D-Bus Interface
       TBD: Describe the DBus interface, with message, how to use it. Recall how  to  send  guake
       toggle command.

   Frequently Asked Questions
   Manual keybinding
       If you want to trigger guake manually, for instance on system where libkeybinder3 does not
       work, you can register the following snippet in your window manager

          dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.guake3.RemoteControl \
              /org/guake3/RemoteControl org.guake3.RemoteControl.show_hide

       You can use the simpler:


       Please note the command guake -t will also toggle Guake but since it initialize a bit more
       than just necessary, it can be slower that the two previous commands.

   Note on Wayland
       There  are  some  reports  of  Guake  not  opening  when a Wayland app or empty desktop is
       focused.  The issue has been reported on Ubuntu 17.10 LTS, Fedora 26 and Fedora  27.   For
       more context, see issue #1041.

       The  workaround  is  setting  a  manual  keybinding as described above.  On Fedora 26, for
       example, this can be accomplished by going to Settings > Keyboard and adding a new  custom
       shortcut to execute guake-toggle.

   Note for Archlinux users
       This  applies  to  users  of  Archlinux  based distributions too and may be of help to non
       Debian/Ubuntu users as well. Currently make install is optimized for  Ubuntu,  which  does
       not  mean  that  it  cannot be used on other systems, but depending on your system you may
       have  to  tell  make  install  where  to  install  guake  (the  default  for   Ubuntu   is

       So on Ubuntu the following commands are equivalent:

          $ sudo make install
          $ sudo make install PREFIX=/usr/lobal

       On Archlinux this can be done by passing /usr as PREFIX:

          $ sudo make install PREFIX=/usr

       which will changes the installation destination to /usr/lib/python3.x/site-packages/guake.

       Note  that the install script automatically determines to use whether to use dist-packages
       or site-packaes.

       For more details checkout the official PKGBUILD at, the PKGBUILD on the  aur
       or this gist.

   Why Guake crashes with Tmux and Byubu?
       Tmux  and  Byobu  can  be  used as shell instead of bash or zsh, but you should be sure to
       disable the "use login shell" option. If set,  Guake  will  not  be  able  to  start.  Use
       dconf-editor to reset this option if Guake cannot start again.

   GTK 3 Port
       Early  2018,  Guake  has  been  ported  GTK3,  thanks  to the huge work of @aichingm.  Old
       releases and code depending on GTK2 have been put  on  the  0.8.x  branch  of  the  GitHub
       project and will no more be actively maintained.

       Please  note that we target to support mainly the GTK and VTE versions found by default on
       most popular distribution such as Ubuntu or Arch Linux (currently: Ubuntu  16.04  LTS  and

       Guake is now only compatible with Python 3.5+.

       Port  to  GTK 3 and Python 3 lead naturally to skip all 1.x and 2.x version in the version
       of Guake: Guake 3.

   Dropped Features from Guake 0.8.x
       · --bgimg (this option has been removed from vte)

   Broken translations
       Some changes in translation system made during the  Guake  3  port  may  have  broken  the
       welcome message in some languages (#1209).

       Help is welcomed for updating translations in your language ! See the "Update translation"
       section below.

   Note for maintainers
       Guake has drastically changed its build system with Guake 3. You may need to adapt all the
       integration scripts accordingly.

       Guake  now  uses  Pipfile  to store it Python dependencies (except the system dependencies
       such as PyGTK3). It is maintained and used by  pipenv  CLI  tool.  It  is  a  system  more
       advanced  than  using  requirements.txt,  but  this  file  is still generated for backward
       compatibility (for example: ReadTheDocs only support requirements.txt for the moment),  by
       a  tool  I've developed, named pipenv_to_requirements (makefile target make requirements).
       It does generate requirements.txt (running dependencies), and requirements-dev.txt (build,
       checks  and  test  only).  From  then,  Guake is now a classic, canon Python package (with, building distribution packages, ...).

       It however requires system libraries, so cannot work isolated inside a virtualenv. If  you
       look closer to the virtualenv used with make dev ; make run, you will see it is configured
       to use the system libraries using pew toggleglobalsitepackages.

       If for any reason pipenv does not work on your platform, you can still install guake  from
       these  requirements  file,  but the ultimate source of truth for dependency declaration is
       the Pipfile.

       Do not hesitate to contact me at gaetan [at]


   History of the Project
       TBD: history of the project

   Guake Change Log
   New Features
       · --is-visible option returns 1 when visible, and 0 when not

       · Double click to open a new tab, without side effects in mouse enabled terminal apps

   Known Issues
       · keybindings does not work with not English layout.

   Bug Fixes
       · Changed Toggle Hide on Lose Focus Shortcut to Shift-Ctrl-F1.  Instead of  change  Go  to
         tab1 shortcut, because Ctrl-F1 is in the pool Ctrl-Fn of change to tabs.

       · Fix issue Ctrl+F1 does two jobs in Keyboard Shortcuts Page

       · Add environment variable GUAKE_ENABLE_WAYLAND, fixed #1934

       · System font applied only for last tab #1947

       · Guake  suddenly  not  starting  any  more  due  to  ModuleNotFoundError: No module named
         'importlib_metadata' #1962

       · Fix vte spawn_sync runtime check failed: ((spawn_flags & ignored_spawn_flags()) == 0)

       · Fix the way PBR computes the package version.

       · Eliminated redundant terminal spawning on startup

       · Fix system font application issue

       · Add fallback for version number finding

       · Reinstated double clicking to open new tabs

       · Use keycodes instead of keyvals for keybindings. This allow one to use keybindings  with
         different keyboard layouts.

   Notes for Package Maintainers
       · Switched from importlib + pbr to setuptools_scm for versioning

       · Fix for release pipeline.

   Security Issues
       · Fixed  security  Issue:  Exposure  of  sensitive  function, malicious user can arbitrary
         command via an execute_command d-bus method. #1796

   Translation Updates
       · Chinese Simplified (@kitty-panics)

       · Croatian (@milotype)

       · Dutch (@Vistaus)

       · German (@m1ga, @rMb93)

       · Indonesian (@rezaalmanda)

       · Polish (@piotrdrag)

       · Russian (@vantu5z)

       · Swedish (@MorganAntonsson)

       · Turkish (@Draconis-25, @ersen0)




   Release Summary
       Added line height and character width adjustment options

       Fix keybinding regressions

       Lazy focus loss to avoid closing on short-term losses

       Moved guake.desktop.metainfo.xml to $datadir

   New Features

         · Feature request: Setting line-spacing / line-height #849


         · Support of short term focus loss and avoid folding #1643

   Bug Fixes

         · Some shortcut keys are abnormal #1939

   Notes for Package Maintainers
       · Glade layout file upgraded with 3.38.2 from last used 3.22.2, should still be valid  but
         some things may be deprecated/renamed.

       · guake.desktop.metainfo.xml has been moved to $datadir in Makefile

   Release Summary
       Add Finnish translation

       Stopped setting GDK_BACKEND to x11 in terminals.

   Bug Fixes

         · GDK_BACKEND is propagated to the shell in terminal #1871

   Translation Updates

         · fi
   Release Summary
       Adds "Galizur" Theme

       Adds Shades of Purple Theme

       Default to the system theme, make having guake deviate be optional.

       Add copy on select option to copy to regular clipboard

       Color Palettes: Fix "Gruvbox Dark" & Add "Gruvbox Material Dark"

       Add support for tabs in keyboard shortcuts

       placing    the    appstream    metainfo    file   in   the   right   path   according   to

       Automatically hide the tab bar when there is only one tab

       Add close tab to d-bus interface.

       Fix ignored "Show scrollbar" after splitting vertically

       Fix missing or malformed schema files when upgrading guake

       Move window to correct coordinates before maximizing

       Fixes prompting when closing a tab.

       Fix right click menu not populating when custom commands is malformed

       Fix trailing punctuation in URLs being included in the URL

       Revive GUAKE_TAB_UUID

   New Features
       · Allow reset of show-hide hot key in preferences

       · Add guake background image

       · adds a new color theme named "Galizur"

       · adds         the         Shades         of         Purple         converted         from


         · Now defaults to system default theme

         · New option to still allow independently setting guake's theme.


         · "copy on selection" option even if the desktop doesn't do it #43

         · copy text on selection #1898

       · Added Gruvbox dark


         · Allow Ctrl-Tab as an accelerator #152


         · Automatically hide the tab bar when there is only one tab #924

       · Add close tab to d-bus interface.

       · Move the window to the correct coordinates, in the correct display, before attempting to
         maximize the window.

       · Re-implemented the refocus functionality.

         This  functionality  allows  the  user  to return the focus to an open guake window.  It
         happened to be partially be maintained but faced issues in the migration to Gtk3.

         The  functionality  was  revived,  partially  based  on  commented-out  code  found   in

       · Bring back GUAKE_TAB_UUID

   Known Issues

         · removes  the  broken  feature,  where  double-clicking on the tab bar opened a new tab

   Upgrade Notes

         · If a different theme from system default was already selected and desired,  users  may
           need to uncheck "Use system default theme" in properties->general

       · Will be disabled by default

       · Will have to manually change keyboard shortcuts to use tab on existing installations

       · If setting is undesired, uncheck the hide tab if one tab option in settings

       · Add close tab to d-bus interface.

       · Should fix the errors with malformed schema files when upgrading guake.

       · Default keyboard shortcut for next/previous tab is no longer ctrl+pgup/pgdn

   Bug Fixes
       · Adjusted Gruvbox

       · placing the appstream metainfo file in the right path

       · fixes #924

       · Added regex for line start by <word> <word>. Refer Issue

       · Fix config didn't reload when set_workspace

       · Fix ineffective override of the GDK_BACKEND environment variable causing invalid pointer
         location and display detection (#1820)


         · fixes an issue, where double-clicking in certain CLI apps would instead open a new tab

       · fixes #1734


         · Does not start after upgrade to 3.7.0 with pip3 due to faulty schema #1718

         · (Potentially) Guake 3.6.3 missing gschemas.compiled in PyPi #1621


         · Guake always appears on mouse display regardless of Guake Preferences #1689

         · guake follows mouse focus when have 2 monitors #1761

         · Multiple monitors issue with Fedora 31 #1745

         · Guake window follows mouse across monitors till it loses focus #1735

         · And possibly more


         · Fixes #1863


         · Minimal Right Click Menu, no copy or split screen #1845

       · Update search box to work with updated regex vte apis for v0.46+, #1752


         · Open with URL includes trailing single quote (invalid URL) #1624


         · Update session.json when directory changed, not terminal title changed #1633

       · Fixes #1712

   Notes for Package Maintainers
       · Add close tab to d-bus interface.

       · Should  resolve  issues  with  the  gschemas.compiled  file. Make sure that the location
         org.guake.gschema.xml is being saved to is user executable  if  guake  is  installed  in
         userspace so that guake can compile and create gschemas.compiled.

         If  the  destination  for  org.guake.gschema.xml cannot be user executable, make sure to

         glib-compile-schemas [schema directory]

         In  the   installation   script,   replacing   [schema   directory]   with   the   place
         org.guake.gschema.xml is being saved.

   Release Summary
       Fixes the bug when "New Tab" or "Split Terminal" resets colors set by "--bgcolor" command.

       Custom  colors for every terminal added. Colors are saved alongside with another tab info.
       "Reset custom colors" menu item added to hte tab context menu.

       Resetting colors of the current page. Managing background and  foreground  colors  of  the
       current terminal. --reset-colors, --bgcolor-focused, --fgcolor-focused and
              --reset-colors-focused command line arguments added.

       --bgcolor-focused, --fgcolor-focused and --reset-colors-focused command line arguments
              renamed   to   --bgcolor-current,   --fgcolor-current   and  --reset-colors-current

       Adds an option to display only the last directory on the current path as the tab name.

   New Features
       · Add tab selection popover in each notebook

       · Add fullscreen hide tabbar option

       · List new features here followed by the ticket number, for example:

            - Resetting colors of the current page.
            - Setting of background and foreground colors and resetting colors of the focused terminal.

       · Setting of background and foreground colors and resetting colors of the current terminal
         (not the focused one).

       · Add --select-terminal and --selected-terminal options to Guake CLI

       · Adds an option to display only the last directory on the current path as the tab name.

       · Reworked the tab name selection to use a drop-down menu.

       · Unfullscreen through D-Bus interface, as well as through CLI.

   Known Issues
       · When  a user changes a background color of a terminal or a tab, this color is saved, and
         cannot be reset by changing settings. This is OK.  The issue is that the user cannot set
         color  transparency,  and  the  transparency becomes fixed until the terminal colors are
         reset by the user (with a --reset* command or via the tab context menu.

       · Translations need to be updated.

   Bug Fixes
       · Fix Crash (TypeError) when common keys are found in config #1713

       · Fixes the bug when "New Tab" or  "Split  Terminal"  resets  colors  set  by  "--bgcolor"

       · Add pew package to Pipfile

       · When composited changed, it will update Guake window visual to make it transparent

       · Fix fullscreen/unfullscreen not handle correctly when trigger by wm

       · Fix search revealer causing terminal unclickable at bottom right


         · adding a new tab no longer shows the hidden scrollbars on other tabs

       · Remove no need window draw callback

       · Fix make uninstall not cleaning up properly

       · Update some dependencies for build environment

       · Update the error message on missing dependencies (ex: when use 'pip install' guake)

   Translation Updates
       · Dutch

       · Polish

       · French

       · Add  a  recommendation  on  how  to install Guake from pypi. The best way is to use pipx
         installer, which install guake in its own virtual environment and create a  launcher  in

   New Features
       · Add drag-n-drop to terminal (text & uris)

       · When  scrolling  with  "shift"  (1  page)  or "shift + ctrl" (4 pages) it will be faster

   Bug Fixes
       · Add schema_version check for tabs session restore

       · Add save/restore terminal split for  tabs  session  -  Save/Restore  terminal  split  by
         pre-order traversal full binary tree in list

       · Bump tabs session schema_version to 2 (to support terminal split)

       · Lazy restore terminal split until Guake is visible

       · Manage terminal signal handler by handler_ids

       · Avoid spurious resize event when showing fullscreened window

       · Make sure workspace-specific-tab-sets only enable on X11 backend (due to wnck)

       · Add install/uninstall-dev-locale to support dev locale

       · Fix DualTerminalBox grab focus when remove dead child

       · Support customize prefix for make

       · Fix re-focus on terminal after rename dialog destroy

       · Fix split terminal by menu will not follow last terminal cwd (if option set)

       · Fix delete_shell using os.waitpid (should not use it)

   Translation Updates
       · German

       · French

   New Features
       · List new features here followed by the ticket number, for example:

            - RFE: Open new tab next to current tab #582

   Bug Fixes
       · Respect  the  XDG Base Directory Specification by supporting XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment
         variable to find the ~/.config directory.

   Translation Updates
       · Czech (thanks @p-bo)

       · Dutch (thanks @Vistaus)

       · Norwegian Bokmål (thanks @comradekingu)

       · Polish (thanks @piotrdrag)

       · Russian (thanks @f2404)

   Notes for Package Maintainers
       · The data directory is back into guake module, in order to prepare for the  migration  to
         importlib-resource  (#1405). This should simplify a lot the load of resources, and avoid
         all  the  complication  due   to   difference   in   prod/dev/traditional   linux/debian

   Bug Fixes
       · Fix search box background so that it will follow current theme

       · Minor build system fixes

   Release Summary
       This release brings three of the most awaited features on Guake:

          · search in current terminal

          · session saving

          · settings export and import

       Our  MVC ("Most Valuable Contributor") for this release is Louie Lu (@mlouielu) who worked
       hard to build these three features in a row! Thank you very much for your hard work !

   New Features
       · Add --support option to Guake CLI for user when need to report issue

       · Add save/restore tabs function.

       · Add label parameter to notebook.new_page_with_focus

       · Add search box for terminal. Default hotkey is Ctrl+Shift+F.

       · Add session save preferences for startup/tabs:

            · "restore-tabs-startup": when enabled, it will restore tabs when startup

            · "restore-tabs-notify": when enabled,  it  will  notify  user  after  tabs  restored
              (except startup)

            · "save-tabs-when-changed":  when  enabled,  it  will automatically save tabs session
              when changed (new/del/reorder)

       · Add CLI option to split tab: --split-vertical and --split-horizontal.

       · Save and restore Guake settings

   Bug Fixes
       · Add libwnck to bootstrap scripts

       · Fix a need for double toggling to hide when using command line with  --show  and  option
         with only_show_hide = False.

       · Remove unused logging level setup

       · Fix window-title-changed didn't save tabs

       · fix typo

       · Fix vte-warning when using Vte.Regex.new_for_match

       · Workspaces can now properly save/restore tabs

       · Fix  on_terminal_title_changed  only searching in current_notebook (it should find every

   Translation Updates
       · fr (French)

       · pl (Polish)

       · added zh_TW (Chinese Traditional). Louie Lu would be very glad  to  have  some  help  on
         localizing Guake!

       · ru (Russian)

       · nb (Norvegian)

       · sv (Swedish)

       · nl (Dutch)

   Notes for Package Maintainers
       · Package  maintainers should be aware that libwnck (Window Navigator Construction Kit) is
         now a mandatory dependency of Guake.

   Release Summary
       This version is mainly a maintaince release, after the big  reworks  on  Guake  from  last
       year.  I  took  some  delay in fixing Guake due to a growing family.  Thanks again for the
       various contributors who submitted their patches, it helps a lot the  whole  community.  I
       may  be  able  to find more time in the upcoming months to add even cooler features to our
       beloved Guake.

   New Features
       · new hotkey (CTRL+SHIFT+H) to open new tab in home directory

       · "New tab" button #1471

       · Open new tab by double-clicking on the tab bar

       · Add new context menu on the notebook

       · Add a CLI option to change palette scheme #1345

       · Bold text is also bright (>= VTE 0.52 only)


         guake --split-vertical and --split-horizontal split the current
                tab just like the context menu does

       · Optional close buttons for tabs (disabled by default)

       · Guake can now provide a set of tabs per workspace

   Bug Fixes
       · Reverse transparency slider (to be more meaningful, #1501

       · Fix command-line select tab behavior #1492

       · removed duplicate event bind? previously I had issue where  quick-open  event  would  be
         fired twice because of this.

       · fixes

       · fixes

       · fix unnecessary show/hide

       · fix settings only applied to the active workspace if more the 1 is used

       · fix prompt quit dialog numbers when more then 1 workspace is used

   Translation Updates
       · fr

       · de

       · For  Guake translators using weblate, I had to force push because of big conflicts. Some
         may have loose recent translation in your language. Sorry for that.

   Release Summary
       This major release provides one of the most awaited feature to every Guake  adicts:  Split
       terminal.  Split  easily  vertically and horizontally each terminal and have more than one
       terminal per tab.  There have been several shortcut changes to  help  navigate  easily  on
       your  screen:  Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down/Left/Right  to switch from terminal to terminal.  Thanks
       for you hard work, @aichingm !

   New Features
       · Split and resize terminals via mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

       · "New terminal" / "Rename terminal" / "Close terminal" items has been  removed  from  the
         terminal context menu. They are still available on the tab context menu.

   Bug Fixes
       · Fix multiline selection right click (#1413)

       · Fix tab name (#1017)

       · fixes jumping preference window (#1149)

       · fix no focus after closing a split terminal (#1421)

       · Add note about shell that does not support --login parameter (#469)

   Translation Updates
       · pl (Piotr Drąg on weblate)

       · nl (Heimen Stoffels on weblate)

       · nb (Allan Nordhøy on weblate)

       · ru (Igor on weblate)

       · zh_CN (庄秋彬 on weblate)

       · cs (Pavel Borecki on weblate)

       · de (Robin Bauknecht on weblate)

       · fr (Gaetan Semet)

   Release Summary
       This  release  adds a big rewrite of the Terminal underlying mechanism by Mario Aichinger.
       It will serve as a foundation layer for long-awaiting features  such  as  Split  Terminal,
       Find Text, Save/Load Session, and so on.

   New Features
       · add a new option in the context menu (copy url)

       · support for per terminal context menus

       · new more fullscreen handeling

       · load default font via python Gio and not via cli call

       · add json example for custom commands in the code

       · port screen selectino (use_mouse) to Gdk

       · add notification for failed show-hide key rebindings

       · add one-click key binding editing

       · port word character exceptions for newer vte versions

       · use Gtk.Box instead of Gtk.HBox

       · use Gtk.Notebook's tabs implementation

       · enable tab switching by scrolling (mouse wheel) over the tabs/tab-bar

   Bug Fixes
       · fixes Settings schema 'guake.general' does not contain a key named 'display_n'

       · fixes guake --fgcolor/--bgcolor error (#1376).

   Translation Updates
       · fr (thanks samuelorsi125t and ButterflyOfFire)

       · ru (thanks Igor)

       · pl (thanks Piotr Drąg)

       · cz (thanks Pavel Borecki)

       · de (thanks Dirk den Hoedt and Mario Aichinger)

       · gl (thanks Nacho Vidal)

   Notes for Package Maintainers
       · Please  note  libutempter0  should now be considered as a mandatory dependency of Guake.
         It solves the frozen terminal issue on exit (#1014)

   Bug Fixes
       · Travis build cleaned build artifacts before deployment, leading to  missing  files  when
         built in the CI.

   Release Summary
       This  minor release mainly fix some issues when installing Guake though pip install --user
       --upgrade guake.  A big thanks also to everyone who contributed  to  the  translations  on

   Bug Fixes
       · Don't  translate  application  icon (this finally fixes Guake application icon not being
         displayed with German locale, which was only partially resolved with #1320)

       · Install of Guake through pip install was broken (missing Now fixed. Discarded
         generation of bdist. (fix

   Translation Updates
       · sv (thanks to @MorganAntonsson)

       · de (thanks to @rzimmer)

       · fr

       · ru (thanks Igor "f2404" on Weblate)

       · cz (thanks Pavel Borecki on Weblate)

       · pl (thanks Piotr Drąg on Weblate)

       · it (thanks Maurizio De Santis on Weblate)

       · Update about screen's credits

   New Features
       · pip   install   guake  now  compiles  the  gsettings  schema  and  finds  its  languages

   Bug Fixes
       · Wayland is a bit more well supported. The X11 backend is now used by default for GDK and
         it seems to make the shortcut works under most situation.

         A more cleaner solution would be to develop a GAction (vote for this feature here])

       · A  new command has been added: guake-toggle, should be faster than guake -t. You can use
         it when you register the global shortcut manually (X11 or Wayland).

   Bug Fixes
       · Fix transparency regression on ubuntu composite (#1333)

       · Fix transparency issue

       · Fix right-click on link

       · Fix bad css override on check tab background (#1326)

       · Fix Guake application icon not displayed with German locale

       · fix ctrl+click on hyperlinks on VTE 0.50 (#1295)

       · Fixed "Gruvbox Dark" color palette (swapped foreground and background)

       · Swapped foreground and background colors for palettes added in commit #58842e9.

       · Add option groupes to the bootstrap scripts

   New Features
       · Thanks to @arcticicestudio, a new nice, clean new palette theme is available  for  Guake
         users: Nord (#1275)

   Known Issues
       · Multiline url are sometimes not handled correctly.

       · Users  of Byobu or Tmux as default shell should disable the "login shell" option (in the
         "Shell" panel). This uses an option, --login, that does not exist on these two tools.

   Bug Fixes
       · Fix duplication in theme list (#1304)

       · Fix right click selection in Midnight Commander

       · Corrected  usage  of  Vte.Regex.new_for_match  to  fix   regular   expression   matching
         (hyperlinks, quick open) on VTE >0.50 (#1295)

       · URL  with  '  (simple quote) and () (parenthesis) are now captured by hyperlink matcher.
         This may causes some issues with log and so that use parenthesis around hyperlinks,  but
         since  parenthesis  and  quotes are valid characters inside a URL, like for instance URL
         created by Kibana, they deserve the right to be shown as proper url in Guake.

         User can still select the URL in the terminal if he wishes to  capture  the  exact  url,
         before doing a Ctrl+click or a right click.

         For  developers,  it  is  advised to end the URL with a character that cannot be used in
         URL, such as space, tab, new line. Ending with a dot (.) or a comma (,) will not be seen
         as  part  of the URL by Guake, so most logs and traces that adds a dot or a comma at the
         end of the URL might still work.

       · Fix "Grubbox Dark" theme

   Translation Updates
       · fr

       · pl

       · ru

       · Rework the documentation. The README grew up a lot and was hard to use. It has been  cut
         into several user manual pages in the official online documentation.

   New Features
       · Allow user to select the theme within the preference UI

       · Selected tab use "selected highlight" color from theme (#1036)

   Translation Updates
       · fr

   New Features
       · Quick open displays a combobox with predefined settings for Visual Studio Code, Atom and
         Sublime Text.

   Bug Fixes
       · Fix  hyperlink VTE

   Release Summary
       This version of Guake brings mostly bug fixes, and some new features like "Quick  Open  on
       selection".  I  have  also reworked internally the Quick Open so that it can automatically
       open files from logs from pytest and other  python  development  tools  output.   However,
       there  might  still  some false positive on the hovering of the mouse in the terminal, the
       most famous being the output of ls -l  which  may  have  the  mouse  looks  like  it  sees
       hyperlinks  on the terminal everywhere. Click does nothing but its an annoying limitation.
       Package maintainers should read the "Notes for Package Maintainers" of this  release  note

   New Features
       · New "start at login" option in the settings (only for GNOME) #251

       · Add  --verbose/-v  parameter  to  enable debug logging. Please note the existing -v (for
         version number) has been renamed -V.

       · Support for hyperlink VTE extension (described here ) #945 (Untested, as it requires VTE

       · Add great color palettes from Guake Color Scheme, thanks for @ziyenano :

            · Aci,

            · aco,

            · Azu,

            · Bim,

            · Cai,

            · Elementary,

            · Elic,

            · Elio,

            · Freya,

            · Gruvbox Dark,

            · Hemisu Dark,

            · Hemisu Light,

            · Jup,

            · Mar,

            · Material,

            · Miu,

            · Monokai dark,

            · Nep,

            · One Light,

            · Pali,

            · Peppermint,

            · Sat,

            · Shel,

            · Tin,

            · Ura,

            · Vag.

       · Allow  application  to capture right click (ex: Midnight commander). #1096.  It is still
         possible to show the contextual menu with Shift+right click.

   Bug Fixes
       · delete tab even without libutempter (#1198)

       · Fix crash when changing command file #1229

       · fix import sys in

       · change scope of which_align variable in (#1225)

       · Fix several issues on Quick Edit:

         · quick open freezes guake

         · support for systems with PCRE2 (regular expression in terminal) disabled for VTE, like
           Ubuntu 17.10 and +.

           This  might  disable  quick  open  and  open url on direct Ctrl+click.  User can still
           select the wanted url or text and Cltr+click or use contextual menu.

           See this discussion on Tilix, another Terminal emulator that suffurs the same issue.

         · quick open now appears in contextual menu (#1157)

         · bad translation update on the contextual menu. This causes new strings that was hidden
           to appear for translators.

         · Fix quick open on pattern "File:line" line that was not opening the wanted file.

       · Fix user interface translations #1228

       · Some systems such as Ubuntu did displayed Guake with a translated interface (#1209). The
         locale system has been reworked to fix that.

       · There might be broken translations, or not  up-to-date  language  support  by  Guake.  A
         global refresh of all existing translations would be welcomed. Most has not been updated
         since the  transition  to  Guake  3,  so  these  languages  support  might  probably  be
         unfunctional or at least partialy localized.

       · A  big  thank  you for all the volunteers and Guake enthousiats would often update their
         own translation to help guake being used world-wide.  -  Help  is  always  welcomed  for
         updating translations !

       · Support for vte 2.91 (0.52) #1222

   Translation Updates
       · fr_FR

       · pl

       · de

   Notes for Package Maintainers
       · The  setup mechanism has changed a little bit. Some maintainers used to patch the source
         code of Guake to change  the  pixmap,  Gtk  schema  or  locale  paths  directly  in  the
         guake/  file. This was due to a lack of flexibility of the installation target
         of the Makefile.

         The make install target looks now a little  bit  more  familiar,  allowing  distribution
         packager to set the various paths directly with make flags.

         For example:

            sudo make install \
                prefix=/usr \
                DESTDIR=/path/for/packager \
                PYTHON_SITE_PACKAGE_NAME=site-package \

         The main overrides are:

         · IMAGE_DIR:      where     the     pixmap     should     be     installed.     Default:

         · localedir: where locales should be installed. Default: /usr/local/share/locale

         · GLADE_DIR: where the Glade files should be installed. Default: /usr/local/share/guake

         · gsettingsschemadir:  where  gsettings/dconf  schema  should  be  installed.   Default:

         I  invite  package  maintainers  to  open tickets on Github about any other difficulties
         encountered when packaging Guake.

   Bug Fixes
       · Hotfix of #1198 (Ctrl+D in the terminal does not close) and #1014 (guake hangs on exit)

   Bug Fixes
       · Apply cursor blinking to new tabs as well, not only on settings change.

       · Fix window losefocus hotkey #1080

       · Fix refocus if open #1188

       · fix preferences window header color, align the  close  button  more  nicely  and  change
         borders to margins

       · Implements a timestamp for wayland (#1215)

   New Features
       · Add window displacement options to move guake away from the screen edges

       · User  can  manually enter the name of the GTK theme it wants Guake to use. Note there is
         no Preference settings yet, one needs to manually enter the name using dconf-editor,  in
         the  key  /apps/guake/general/gtk-theme-name.  Use  a  name  matching one the folders in
         /usr/share/themes. Please also considere this is a early adopter features and  has  only
         been  tested  on  Ubuntu  systems.   Dark  theme  preference  can  be  se  with  the key

       · Allow make install-system to be run as non root user and print a message if so.

       · Quick open can now open file under selection. Simply select a filename  in  the  current
         terminal  and  do  a  Ctrl+click, if the file path can be found, it will be open in your
         editor. It allows to virtually open any file path in your terminal (if they are on  your
         local  machine),  but  requires  the user to select the file path first, compared to the
         Quick Open feature that finds file names using regular expression.

         Also notes that is it able to look in the current  folder  if  the  selected  file  name
         exists, allowing Ctrl+click on relative paths as well.

         Line  number  syntax  is also supported: filename.txt:5 will directly on the 5th line if
         your Quick Open is set for.

   Bug Fixes
       · fixes issue with vertically stacked dual monitors #1162

       · Quick Open functionality is restored #1121

       · Unusable Guake with "hide on focus lose" option #1152

       · Speed up guake D-Bus communication (command line such as guake -t).

   Release Summary
       This minor release mainly focus on fixing  big  problems  that  was  remaining  after  the
       migration  to  GTK3.  I would like to akwonledge the work of some contributors that helped
       testing and reporting issues on Guake 3.0.0. Thanks a lot to @egmontkob and @aichingm.

       The Preference window has  been  deeply  reworked  and  the  hotkey  management  has  been
       rewritten. This was one the the major regression in Guake 3.0.

   New Features
       · [dev env] automatically open reno slug after creation for editing

       · [dev  env]:  Add  the possibility to terminate guake with Ctrl+c on terminal where Guake
         has been launched

       · Add "Infinite scrolling" option in "Scrolling" panel #274

       · Added hotkey for showing and focusing Guake window when it is opened or closed.   It  is
         convenient  when Guake window are overlapped with another windows and user needs to just
         showing it without closing and opening it again. #1133

   Known Issues
       · Quick Edit feature is not working (#1121)

       · Remove visible bell feature #1081

   Bug Fixes
       · Command options do not work, crash when disabling keybinding #1111

       · Do not open Guake window upon startup #1113

       · Fix crash on increase/decrease main window height shortcut #1099

       · Resolved conflicting default shortcut for Ctrl+F2 (now, rename current  tab  is  set  to
         Ctrl+Shift+R) #1101, #1098

       · The hotkey management has been rewritten and is now fully functional

       · Rework  the  Preference window and reorganize the settings. Lot of small issues has been
         fixed.  The Preference window now fits in a 1024x768 screen.

       · Fix 'Failed to execute child process "-"' - #1119

       · History size spin is fixed and now increment by 1000 steps. Default history value is now
         set to 1000, because "1024" has no real meaning for end user. #1082

   Translation Updates
       · de

       · fr

       · ru

       · The  dependencies  of the Guake executable has been slightly better described in README.
         There is an example for Debian/Ubuntu in the file which  is  the
         main environment where Guake is developed and tested.

       · Package  maintainers  are  encouraged  to  submit their bootstrap-dev-[distribution].sh,
         applicable for other distributions, to help users install Guake from source,  and  other
         package maintainers.

   New Features
       · Preliminary  Dark  theme  support.  To use it, install the 'numix' theme in your system.
         For example, Ubuntu/Debian users would use sudo apt install numix-gtk-theme.

   Known Issues
       · Cannot enable or disable the GTK or Dark theme by a preference setting.

       · Resizer discontinued

   Bug Fixes
       · Fix sudo make uninstall/install to work only with /usr/local

       · Fix translation mo file generation

       · Fix crash on Wayland

       · Fix quick open and open link in terminal

       · Fixed Guake initialization on desktop environment that does not support compositing.

   Release Summary
       Minor maintenance release.

   Bug Fixes
       · Code cleaning and GNOME desktop file conformance

   Release Summary
       Guake has been ported to GTK-3 thanks to the huge work of  @aichingm.  This  also  implies
       Guake  now uses the latest version of the terminal emulator component, VTE 2.91.  Guake is
       now only working on Python 3 (version 3.5 or 3.6). Official support for Python 2 has  been
       dropped.   This  enables new features in upcoming releases, such as "find in terminal", or
       "split screen".

   New Features
       · Ported to GTK3:

            · cli arguments

            · D-Bus

            · context menu of the terminal, the tab bar and the tray icon

            · scrollbar of the terminal

            · ctrl+d on terminal

            · fix double click on the tab bar

            · fix double click on tab to rename

            · fix clipboard from context menu

            · notification module

            · keyboard shortcuts

            · preference screen

            · port gconfhandler to gsettingshandler

            · about dialog

            · pattern matching

            · Guake.accel* methods

       · Guake now use a brand new build system:

            · pipenv to manage dependencies in Pipfile

            · enforced code styling and checks using Pylint, Flake8, Yapf, ISort.

            · simpler release management thanks to PBR

       · [dev env] reno will be used to generate release notes for Guake starting version  3.0.0.
         It  allows  developers  to  write  the  right chunk that will appear in the release note
         directly from their Pull Request.


         Update Guake window title when:

                · the active tab changes

                · the active tab is renamed

                · the vte title changes

   Known Issues
       · Translation might be broken in some language, waiting for the  translation  file  to  be
         updated by volunteers

       · Resizer does not work anymore

       · Package maintainers have to rework their integration script completely

       · quick open and open link in terminal is broken

       · Note  for package maintainers: Guake 3 has a minor limitation regarding Glib/GTK Schemas
         files. Guake looks for the gsettings schema inside  its  data  directory.  So  you  will
         probably       need       install       the       schema       twice,       once      in
         /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/guake/data/         and          once          in
         /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas (see #1064).  This is planned to be fixed in Guake 3.1

   Upgrade Notes
       · Minor rework of the preference window.

       · Background picture is no more customizable on each terminal

       · Visual Bell has been deprecated

   Translation Updates
       · fr-FR

   Version 0.8.11
       Maintenance release with bug fixes and translation updates.

       · #885 revert to the old fixed-width tabs behavior

       · move the startup script setting to the hooks tab

       · #977 Add a configuration toggle to disable windows refocus

       · #970 Right-click tab options don't work properly

       · #995 Russian translation

       · #983 French translation

       · #986 Update German translation

   Version 0.8.10
       Minors Bug fixes and new Ocean and Oceanic Next color schemes.

   Version 0.8.9
       Thanks for guakers for the following contibutions:

       New features:

       · #793, #876: Execute a script on display event

       · #864: Add preference dialog checkbox for toggling 'resizer' visibility

       · #885: tabs share the full screen width

       · #942: Quick open also matches /home path

       · #933: Add -l option to get tab label

       Bug Fixes

       · #934: Quick open does not work with dash

       · #893, #896, #888: another Unity screen size fix

       · Translation update: ja (#875), cn (#955), nl (#931), pt (#895),

   Version 0.8.8
       Thank  to  these  contribution  from  Guake  users, I am happy to announce a new minor fix
       release of Guake.


       · Close a tab with the middle button of the mouse

       Bug Fixes:

       · Fix error when toggle key was disabled

       · Update change news

       · Uppercase palette name

       · Fix pylint errors

       · Convert README badge to SVG

       · Update Japanese translation

       · update Russian translation

       · updated CS translation

       · Update zh_CN translation

   Version 0.8.7
       Do not forget to update the software version

   Version 0.8.6
       Lot of bug fixes in this release. Thanks for all contributors !

       Please note that it is not tested on dual screen set ups.

       Bug fixes:

       · Terminal geometry fixes (#773 @koter84, #775 RedFlames, b36295 myself)

       · Fix "changing max tab length" set all tab to same title

       · Fix on terminal kill (#636, @coderstephen)

       · Typo/Cosmetics (#761, @thuandt)

       · Fix the bottom of tab buttons being cut off in Gnome (#786 @lopsided98)

       · Fix fullscreen follow mouse (#774 @koter84)

       · Option to shorten VTE tab name (#798 @versusvoid)

       · Updated translations:

         · french (b071b4, myself)

         · russian (#787 @vantu5z),

         · corean (#766 @nessunkim),

         · polish (#799 @piotrdrag)

   Version 0.8.5
       Minor version today, mostly minor bug fixes and translation update.

       I did have time to work on GTK3, maintaining Guake to keep using GTK2  is  more  and  more
       difficult, Travis kind of abandoned the compatibility of PyGtk2.

       · Add a shortcut to open the last tab (#706, thanks @evgenius)

       · Fix icon size on Ubuntu (#734)

       · Add tab UUID and selection by UUID (#741, thanks @SoniEx2, @Ozzyboshi)

       · Updated  Polish  (#705),  Chinese (#711), German (#732), Brazil Portuguese (#744), Czech

       · Fixed doc (#709, #706)

       · Fix some Pep8 issue

   Version 0.8.4
       Bug fixes:

          · Very big icon tray (#598, @thardev)

          · Feature keyboard shorcut hide on lose focus (#650, #262, #350, @thardev)

          · Endless transparency and small rework of hide on lose focus (#651, @thardev)

          · fix tray icon does not align in center (#663, @wuxinyumrx)

          · Updated pt_BR translation (#686, @matheus-manoel)

          · improved Bluloco theme readability (#693, @uloco)

          · ensure gsettings process is well kill (#636)

          · fix exception in preference panel

   Version 0.8.3
       Quick fix about missing svg file

   Version 0.8.2
       Bug fix version. Thanks for external contributions!


       · new palette 'Bluloco' (my default one now!) (@uloco)

       Bug fixes:

       · tab bar width (@ozzyboshi)

       · open new tab in current directory (#578, @Xtreak)

       · fix default interpreter (#619, @Xtreak)

       · fix use VTE title (#524, @Xtreak)

       · Russian translation (@vantu5z), german (@Airfunker), spanish (@thardev) chinese  (@Xinyu

       · fix guake cannot restore fullscreen (#628, @thardev)

   Version 0.8.1
          I  started  working on Guake 1.0.0, and not in a dedicated branch. It is now in its own
          source folder. We clearly need to move to gtk3 soon, since GTK2 is being  discontinued,
          the VTE is no more maintained for GTK2-Python, and adds lot of cool features.

          So  I  am now starting to work on a complete rewrite of Guake, so don't expect 0.8.x to
          see lot of new features, unfortunately. But Guake 1.0.0 will add features such as:

              · line wrap in terminal

              · search in terminal

              · dconf/gsettings to store configuration

              · GTK3 look and feel

              · much cleaner build and translation systems

          But, this means I cannot work too much on 0.8.x. I still do some bug fixes, and  thanks
          to external contributors that share the love for Guake, Guake 0.8 still moves on!

          So  don't  hesitate  to have a look in the code to fix any bug you are experiencing and
          submit a Pull Request.

          New features:

          · a-la guake-indicator custom commands (#564) - by @Ozzyboshi!

          · Add option to allow/disallow bold font (#603) - by @helix84!

          · Clean current terminal item in contextual menu (#608) - by @Denis Subbotin

          Bug fixes:

          · Terminal widget disappears at random times (#592)

          · Typo - by @selivan, @Ruined1

   Version 0.8.0
          I have been extremely busy the previous 3 months, so I have almost not worked on Guake.
          I  wanted  to  introduce  in  the  next version some major features heavily asked, like
          session save and split terminal. They will have to wait a bit more.

          As a result, most of the contribution are from external contributors.  Thank  you  very
          much for all these patches!

          This  releases  introduces  two  major  changes  in the project, thus the minor version

          First, the new homepage is now online:

          As I remind you, Guake has not control over  the  old  domain  So  far  the
          content   is   still   one   of   the  old  content  of  this  domain.  So  please  use
 to reference Guake.

          Source code of the Web site can be found here:

          The second major change in the project is the abandon of our  internal  hotkey  manager
          globalhotkey, which was responsible for binding hotkeys globally to the window manager.
          This piece of code was extremely old and hard to maintain. This was also  unnecessarily
          complexifying the build process of Guake. Thanks to the contribution of @jenrik, we are
          now using a pretty common package keybinder (Ubuntu: python-keybinder).

          Bug fixes:

          · Guake fails to start due  to  a  GlobalHotkey  related  C  call  fixed  by  replacing
            GlobalHotkeys with keybinder. Fixed by @jenrik. (#558, #510)

          · Fix icon issue with appindicator (#591)

          · swap terms correctly when moving tabs (#473, #512, #588)

          · Remove last reference to --show-hide (#587)

          · fixed and completed german translation (#585)

          · Drop duplicated man page (a526046a)

          · use full path to tray icon with libappindicator (#591)

   Version 0.7.2 (2015.05.20)
          Bug fixes:

          · Fix Ctrl+D regression (#550)

          · update Quick Open Preference Window

   Version 0.7.1 (2015.05.18):
          Some bug fixes, and cleared issues with new palette colors.

          As  side  note, our domain '' has been squatted by an outsider that seems only
          interested in getting money to release the domain. Since  Guake  is  a  small  project,
          based on 100% OpenSource spirit, we do not want to loose more time on this subject. The
          guake website will be deployed soon on a new URL:

          Please do NOT use anymore, until we  can  retrieve  it.  We  cannot  be  hold
          responsible for any content on anymore.

          Bug fixes:

          · Background and font color inversed for some color schemes (#516)

          · Guake width wrong on non-Unity Ubuntu desktop (#517)

          · Add get_gtktab_name dbus interface (#529, #530)

          · Fix issue with selection copy (#514)

          · I18n fixes and updated Polish translation (#519). Thanks a lot @piotrdrag!

          · Remove add and guake icon in tab (#543)

          · prompt_on_close_tab option (#546) Thanks a lot @tobz1000!

          · Fix default shortcuts for move tabs

   Version 0.7.0 (2015.05.02):
          I  had  more  time  working  on  Guake  recently, so I fixed some long term issues, and
          exposed some internal settings into the preference window.

          Thanks for the external contribution: @varemenos, @seraff and others!

          Here is the complete changelog for this release:

          · Reorganised palette definition, add a demo terminal in preference panel (#504,  #273,

          · Plenty of other new color palettes (thanks again @varemenos ! #504)

          · don't propagate COLORTERM environment variable in terminal (#488)

          · Force $TERM environment variable to 'xterm-256color' in terminals (#341)

          · Fix issue with the quit confirmation dialog box (#499)

          · Add shortcut for transparency level (#481)

          · Add label to tell user how to disable a shortcut (#488)

          · Expose cursor_shape and blink cursor method in pref window (#505)

          · Expose Guake startup script to the pref window (#198)

          · Some window management bug fixes (#506, #445)

          · Fix "Not focused on opening if tab was moved" (#441)

          · Add contextual menu item 'Open Link' on right click on a link (5476653)

          · Fix compatibility with Ubuntu 15.04 (#509)

          · Fix Guake Turns Gray sometimes (#473, #512)

   Version 0.6.2 (2015.04.20):
          · Packaging issue fixes

   Version 0.6.1 (2015.04.19):
          · bug fixes

   Version 0.6.0 (2015.04.18):
          This  version  is poor in new feature, I just don't have time to work on Guake. I got a
          lot of incompatibility reports on new systems, such as Wayland. Port to gtk3 is still a
          must have, but all features of the VTE component does not seem to have been ported.


              · Save current terminal buffer to file

              · Hotkeys for moving tab

              · plenty of color palettes (thanks @varemenos !)

              · bug fixes

   Version 0.5.2 (2014.11.23):
          · bug fixes

          · Disable  the  'focus_if_open'  feature  (hidden  trigger, true per default). Restaure
            focus does not work in all systems.

          · lot of "componentization" of the code, in preparation to the rebase of 'gtk3' branch.

   Version 0.5.1 (2014.11.06):
          · minor bug fixes release

   Version 0.5.0 (2014.02.22):
          · Tab can be moved

          · Add change tab hotkey (F1-F10 by default) and is display on tab

          · Add "New tab" menu item

          · Quick open file path within the terminal output

          · gconf only settings:

                · startup scripts

                · vertical aligments

          · minor bug fixes

          · New maintainer:

            · Gaetan Semet <>

          · Contributors:

            · @koter84

            · @kneirinck

   Versions < 0.5.0
       changes since 0.4.4:

          · Custom tab titles are no longer overridden by VTE ones (rgaudin)

          · Absent notifications daemon is no longer fatal

          · Fix for <Ctrl>key hotkeys being recorded as <Primary>key (Ian MacLeod)

          · Font resizing using <Ctrl>+ and <Ctrl>- (Eiichi Sato)

          · D-Bus and commandline interface improvements

          · L10n:

            · Norwegian Bokmål po file renamed to nb_NO.po (Bjørn Lie)

            · Added translations: Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Galician, Indonesian, Ukrainian.

            · Updated translations: Catalan, French, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Swedish.

       changes since 0.4.3:

          · New icon for both guake and guake-prefs

          · Improved build scripts for themable icon installation

          · Updated some autotools files

          · Fixing a typo in the guake-prefs.desktop file (Zaitor)

          · wm_class can't be get by gnome-shell css #414

          · Add the missing "System" category required by FDO menu specification (Jekyll Wu)

          · Do not install the system-wide autostart file (Jekyll Wu)

          · Call window.move/resize only when not in fullscreen mode #403 (Empee584)

          · Terminal scrolls to the wrong position when hiding and unhiding  in  fullscreen  mode
            #258 (Empee584)

          · Toggle fullscreen malfunction #371 (Empee584 & Sylvestre)

          · Guake  overlapped  the  second  screen  in  a  dual-monitor  setup  with  a sidepanel

          · Tree items in Keyboard  shortcuts  tab  of  preferences  window  not  localized  #280

          · Add option to start in fullscreen mode #408 (Dom Sekotill)

          · Refactoring  of  the  fullscreen  logic and addition of the --fullscreen flag (Marcel

       changes since 0.4.2:

          · Better tab titling, based on VTE title sequences (Aleksandar Krsteski & Max Ulidtko)

          · Some drag & drop support (Max Ulidtko)

          · Fix for the many times reported "gconf proxy port as int" issue (Pingou)

          · Better file layout which doesn't modify PYTHONPATH (Max Ulidtko)

       Updated translation and new translation:

          · Russian (Vadim Kotov)

          · Spanish (Ricardo A. Hermosilla Carrillo)

          · Japanese (kazutaka)

          · Catalan (el_libre como el chaval)

       changes since 0.4.1:

       Updated translations and new translations (unsorted):

          · Norwegian (wty)

          · Turkish (Berk Demirkır)

          · Swedish (Daniel Nylander)

          · Persian (Kasra Keshavarz)

          · French (Bouska and Pingou)

          · Russian (Pavel Alexeev and vkotovv)

          · Polish (Piotr Drąg)

          · Spanish, Castilian (dmartinezc)

          · Italian (Marco Leogrande a.k.a. dark)

          · Chinese simplified (甘露, Gan Lu)

          · Portuguese/Brazilian (Djavan Fagundes)

          · Japanese (kazutaka)

          · Punjabi (A S Alam)


          · Calling the hide() method when closing main window: #229 (Lincoln)

          · Fixing dbus path and name for the RemoteControl object: #202 (Lincoln)

          · Setting http{s,}_proxy vars before calling fork_command: #172 (Lincoln)

          · Adding the
            fr' lang to ALL_LINGUAS: #189 (Lincoln)

          · Option to configure the color palette: #51 (Eduardo Grajeda)

          · Do not hide when showing rename dialog (Aleksandar Krsteski)

          · Fixing the tab renaming feature: #205 (Lincoln)

       changes since 0.4.0:

       Updated translation and new translation:

          · Italian

          · French

          · Portuguese/Brazilian

          · Novergian

          · German

          · Polish

          · Greek

          · Hungarian


          · Change start message #168

          · Add an option to the preference windows to create new tab in cwd #146

          · Preferences windows are resizable #149

          · Guake's windows not shown when ran for the first time #174

          · Implement dbus interface to script with guake #150, #138, #105, #126, #128, #109

          · Command line arguments implemented -n create a new tab -e  execute  a  command  on  a
            defined tab -r rename a tab -t toggle visibility

          · Improve regex to use character classes (improve the support of certain locales) #156

          · Ask user if he really wants to quit when there is a child process #158

          · Double click on a tab allows you to rename the tab #165

          · Add more information on the INSTALL file

          · Tray icon position fixed #161


          · Move from to

          · Set up a mailing-list at:

       changes since 0.2

          · Making prefs dialog window better, including a better title, fixing some paddings and

          · Added backspace and delete compatibility options (thanks to gnome-terminal guys =)

          · Cleanup of data files (images and glade files), mostly images.

          · Complete rewrite of tab system in the main window.

          · Fixing all issues (I think =) in close tab feature.

          · Adding tab rename feature.

          · Making  easier  to  grab  keybinging  shortcuts  from  the  prefs  screen  by   using
            eggcellrendererkeys lib.

          · Now we look for more python interpreters when filling interpreters combo.

          · Fixing a lot of bugs.


       Version 2, June 1991

       Copyright  (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc.  51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
       Boston, MA  02110-1301  USA

       Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but
       changing it is not allowed.


   Basic Details
       If  you  would  like  to  contribute  to  the  development of Guake, here are some general

   Found a Bug?
       Before opening a new issue, please read the following:

       · for feature requests, please use FeatHub ).  This allow us to spot  directly  which  are
         the most requested features.

       · A Bountysource page also exists for requesting new features for Guake.

       · before opening a new bug, please search for a similar one in the GitHub Issues .

   Submitting a Pull Request
       Please follow these steps before submitting a new Pull Request to Guake:

       · rebase on latest HEAD with git pull rebase upstream master

       · describe your change in the pull request

       · execute the code styling, checks and unit tests using: $ make style check reno-lint test

       · add  a  slug  in release note using $ make reno SLUG=<short_name_of_my_feature> and edit
         the created file in releasenotes/notes/.

         You can see how reno works using pipenv run reno --help.  Please use a generic slug (eg,
         for translation update, use translation)

   Release Procedure
       · Ensure  requirements.txt  is  up  to  date  with  the Pipfile.lock, or we will have dev0
         version generated

       · Merge all translation from Weblate

       · Generate the release notes, and updates NEWS.rst with the upcoming release.

       · Ensure this pull request build.

       · Merge

       · Tag with the same version

   Setting up the development environment
       Before building the code, please ensure the dependencies are installed:

       · GTK: >=3.18

       · VTE: 2.91

       · libkeybinder3

       See full list of dependencies on the Dependencies page.

       The following section describes how to install these dependencies on some systems,  please
       be aware it might not be applicable to yours directly.

   Install System dependencies
       Execute the following command to bootstrap all needed system dependencies:

          $ ./scripts/


          $ ./scripts/

   Arch Linux

          $ ./scripts/

   Setup development environment
       Install the dependencies of your system and use the following commands:

          $ make dev
          $ sudo make install-schemas  # still required even for local execution

       You can force the interpreter version using the PYTHON_INTERPRETER variable:

          $ make dev PYTHON_INTERPRETER=python3.6

       Local execution of guake (without system-wide install):

          $ make run

   Install on system
       Use the following command to build and install on your system (in /usr/local/):

          $ make dev && make && sudo make install

       You can reinstall easily in your environment (only validated for Debian/Ubuntu) with:

          $ make reinstall  # will execute `sudo`

   Git hook
       Please install this git hook if you want to beautify your patch before submission:

          $ make setup-githook

   Hacking Guake
       First,  be  sure to use a version of Python 3 where GTK and GObjects works in your system.
       For instance, under Ubuntu 17.04, PyGtk and python3-gi does not work well if  the  default
       python 3 interpreter is forced to Python 3.6.

                │Operating System │ Recommended       Python │ Notes                    │
                │                 │ version                  │                          │
                │Ubuntu 14.04 LTS │ Python 3.4 (UNTESTED)    │                          │
                │Ubuntu 16.04 LTS │ Python 3.5 (TESTED)      │                          │
                │Ubuntu 17.04     │ Python 3.5 (TESTED)      │                          │
                │Ubuntu 17.10     │ Python 3.6 (TESTED)      │ Quick   Open    disabled │
                │                 │                          │ (#1230)                  │

   Validate your code
       We  are  strict  on  code  styling,  with  pep8 and pylint running automatically in GitHub
       Actions in order to reject badly shaped patches.  Please  use  the  following  command  to
       validate all python files:

          $ make style  # fix the style of python files
          $ make check  # static code analysis
          $ make test   # unit test campaign
          $ make dists  # make distribution packages

   Update translation
       Update all translation files:

          $ make update-po

       Install the translations files:

          $ sudo make install-locale

       Then use your favorite po editor, such as poedit.

       Start Guake with a different locale (locales should be installed):

          $ LC_ALL=fr_FR.UTF8 make run

   Update NEWS
       Update the NEWS file using the followng command:

          make release-note-news

       The  ChangeLog  files  is  not  maintained but instead automatically generated by PBR when
       building the distribution packages.

       Same goes for the ChangeLog file.

       Versioning is automatically done using git tags. When  a  semver  tag  is  pushed,  a  new
       version is automatically created by PBR.

       PBR  also  has  some magic to generate the version automatically from sem-ver tag found in
       the commit message. See the Makefile's tag-pbr target.

   GitHub Actions build
       GitHub Actions automatically check pull requests are compiling and check for code style.

       Status of the latest build:

   Help for Package maintainers
       This page is primarily targeted to package maintainers, willing to  build  and  distribute
       Guake inside a Linux Distribution, such as Debian, Arch, Fedora, and so on.

       It gives some information about how Guake is built.

   System dependencies
       Here are the system dependencies of Guake for its execution:

       · GTK: >=3.18

       · VTE:  2.91  (>=`0.42  <>`_).   See doc

       · gir1.2-keybinder-3.0

       · gir1.2-notify-0.7

       · gir1.2-vte-2.91

       · libkeybinder3

       · python3-cairo

       · python3-dbus

       · python3-gi

       Optional dependencies:

       · libutempter0: compatibility with wall or screen commands

       · Any GTK theme: numix-gtk-theme, ...

   Python dependencies
       The complete list of Python packages Guake requires for its execution is descripbed in the
       Pipfile, section packages.

       The  Team  is  willing  to  see  Guake available on every major Linux distribution. Do not
       hesitate to contact us through GitHub Issue or directly by email (gaetan [at]
       if you see any issue when packageing Guake.

       The  major compatibility issues we experience if with the different version of VTE. We try
       to integrate new cool VTE features when they are ready, and protect them with test on  the
       version  installed  on  the  user's  environment,  but  there  may still be mistakes made,
       breaking the software for a given environment. Do not hesitate to warn us for that!

       · Source Code available on GitHub.

       · Official Homepage:

       · Online Documentation is hosted on ReadTheDocs.


         If you are not a developer, you can still contribute to Guake by
                improving its translations in your language.  Guake users are welcome to  support
                Weblate in providing this service for free for OpenSource Projects.

       Important note: Do NOT use the domain, it has been registered by someone outside
       the team. We cannot be held responsible for the content on that web site.


       Gaetan Semet


       2022, Gaetan Semet