Provided by: i3-wm_4.20.1-1_amd64 bug


       i3-input - interactively take a command for i3 window manager


       i3-input [-s <socket>] [-F <format>] [-l <limit>] [-P <prompt>] [-f <font>] [-v]


       i3-input is a tool to take commands (or parts of a command) composed by the user, and send
       it/them to i3. This is useful, for example, for the mark/goto command.

       You can press Escape to close i3-input without sending any commands.


       -s <socket>
           Specify the path to the i3 IPC socket (it should not be necessary to use this option,
           i3-input will figure out the path on its own).

       -F <format>
           Every occurrence of "%s" in the <format> string is replaced by the user input, and the
           result is sent to i3 as a command. Default value is "%s".

       -l <limit>
           Set the maximum allowed length of the user input to <limit> characters. i3-input will
           automatically issue the command when the user input reaches that length.

       -P <prompt>
           Display the <prompt> string in front of user input text field. The prompt string is
           not included in the user input/command.

       -f <font>
           Use the specified X11 core font (use xfontsel to chose a font).

           Show version and exit.


       Mark a container with a single character:

           i3-input -F 'mark %s' -l 1 -P 'Mark: '

       Go to the container marked with above example:

           i3-input -F '[con_mark="%s"] focus' -l 1 -P 'Go to: '


       i3-input handles the different sources of socket paths in the following order:

       ·   I3SOCK environment variable

       ·   I3SOCK gets overwritten by the -s parameter, if specified

       ·   if neither are available, i3-input reads the socket path from the X11 property, which
           is the recommended way

       ·   if everything fails, i3-input tries /tmp/i3-ipc.sock

       The socket path is necessary to connect to i3 and actually issue the command.




       Michael Stapelberg and contributors