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       wvtag - metadata utility for wavpack files


       wvtag [-options] INFILE...


       wvtag applies the specified metadata operation(s) to each of the specified WavPack source
       file(s) in this order: clean, import, delete, write, extract, list. Note that WavPack
       metadata is stored in APEv2 tags, and this tool will automatically import from an ID3v1
       tag if it is the only tag present on the source file, and that ID3v1 tag will be deleted
       and replaced with an APEv2 tag if an edit is requested.


           allow tag data up to 16 MB (embedding > 1 MB is not recommended for portable devices
           and may not work with some programs including WavPack pre-4.70)

           extract cuesheet only to stdout (equivalent to -x “cuesheet”)

           extract cuesheet to source-name.cue file in same directory as source file (equivalent
           to -xx “cuesheet=%a.cue”)

       --clean, --clear
           clean all items from tag (done first)

       -d Field”
           delete specified metadata item (text or binary)

       -h, --help
           this help display

           import applicable tag items from ID3v2.3 tag present in DSF (and other) files into
           APEv2 tag (if there are > 1 MB cover images present add --allow-huge-tags to include

       -l, --list
           list all tag items (done last)

           don't recode passed tags from local encoding to UTF-8, assume they are in UTF-8

           quiet (keep console output to a minimum)

       -v, --version
           write program version to stdout

       -w Field=”
           delete specified metadata item (text or binary)

       -w Field=Value”
           write specified text metadata to APEv2 tag

       -w Field=@file.ext”
           write specified text metadata from file to APEv2 tag, normally used for embedded
           cuesheets and logs (field names “Cuesheet” and “Log”)

       --write-binary-tag Field=@file.ext”
           write the specified binary metadata file to APEv2 tag, normally used for cover art
           with the specified field name “Cover Art (Front)”

       -x Field”
           extract the specified tag field only to stdout

       -xx Field[=file]”
           extract the specified tag field to named file in same directory as source file;
           optional filename specification may contain %a which is replaced with the audio file
           base name, %t replaced with the tag field name (note: comes from data for binary tags)
           and %e replaced with the extension from the binary tag source file (or “txt” for text

           yes to all warnings (use with caution!)


       wavpack(1), wvunpack(1), wvgain(1)

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       This manual page was written by David Bryant <>. Permission is granted to
       copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the BSD License.


       David Bryant <>


       Copyright © 2021 David Bryant