Provided by: groff_1.22.4-8build1_amd64 bug


       xtotroff - convert X font metrics into GNU troff font metrics


       xtotroff [-r resolution] [-s point-size] font-map

       xtotroff --help

       xtotroff -v
       xtotroff --version


       xtotroff  takes  a  font-map, which maps groff(1) fonts to X11 fonts, creates GNU troff(1)
       metric files for all fonts listed.  Each line in font-map consists of a  groff  font  name
       and  an  X  font  name  as  a  X  Logical  Font  Description  (XLFD) pattern, separated by
       whitespace.  Example:

              TB -adobe-times-bold-r-normal--*-*-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1

       The wildcards in the patterns are filled with the arguments to the -r and -s switches.  If
       a font name is still ambiguous, xtotroff aborts.


       Whitespace is permitted between a command-line option and its argument.

       --help Display a usage message and exit.

              Set  the  resolution for all font patterns in font-map.  The value is used for both
              the horizontal and vertical resolution.  If not specified, a resolution of 75dpi is

              Set  the point size for all font patterns in font-map.  If not specified, a size of
              10pt is assumed.

              Display version information and exit.


       The only supported font encodings are “iso8859-1” and “adobe-fontspecific”.


       groff(1), gxditview(1), troff(1)