Provided by: cups_2.4.1op1-1ubuntu4.10_amd64 bug


       cupsd-helper - cupsd helper programs (deprecated)


       cups-deviced request-id limit user-id options
       cups-driverd cat ppd-name
       cups-driverd list request_id limit options
       cups-exec   sandbox-profile   [   -g  group-id  ]  [  -n  nice-value  ]  [  -u  user-id  ]
       /path/to/program argv0 ...  argvN


       The cupsd-helper programs perform long-running operations  on  behalf  of  the  scheduler,
       cupsd(8).   The cups-deviced helper program runs each CUPS backend(7) with no arguments in
       order to discover the available printers.

       The cups-driverd  helper  program  lists  all  available  printer  drivers,  a  subset  of
       "matching" printer drivers, or a copy of a specific driver PPD file.

       The  cups-exec  helper  program runs backends, filters, and other programs. On macOS these
       programs are run in a secure sandbox.


       The cups-driverd program looks for PPD and  driver  information  files  in  the  following


       PPD  files  can  be  compressed  using  the gzip(1) program or placed in compressed tar(1)
       archives to further reduce their size.

       Driver information files must conform to the format defined in ppdcfile(5).


       CUPS printer drivers, backends, and PPD  files  are  deprecated  and  will  no  longer  be
       supported  in  a  future feature release of CUPS.  Printers that do not support IPP can be
       supported using applications such as ippeveprinter(1).


       backend(7), cups(1), cupsd(8), cupsd.conf(5), filter(7),  ppdcfile(5),  CUPS  Online  Help


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