Provided by: netconsole_0.3.1-2_all bug


       netconsole-setup - Dynamically configure Linux netconsole


       netconsole-setup [[+][target-port]@]target-host ...


       Netconsole is a Linux kernel module that sends all kernel log messages over the network to
       another computer.  It was designed to be as  instantaneous  as  possible,  to  enable  the
       logging  of  even  the most critical kernel bugs.  It works from IRQ contexts as well, and
       does not enable interrupts while sending packets.  Due to  these  unique  needs,  only  IP
       networks, UDP packets and Ethernet devices are supported.

       netconsole-setup  eases  the  configuration  of  the  netconsole by just taking the target
       hostname or IP address.  It determines  all  the  needed  configuration  values  from  the
       running  network  device  (like  network  interface, target IP and MAC address).  Multiple
       target hosts can be specified.  Each host can be prefixed with a target port  and  a  plus
       sign to enable extended console support.


       +      if present, enable extended console support for this host

              port for logging agent (kernel default is port 6666)

              hostname or IP address for logging agent


              netconsole-setup loghost

       sends all kernel log messages to host loghost.

              netconsole-setup +4444@loghost

       sends  all  kernel  log  messages  to host loghost on port 4444 using the extended console

              netconsole-setup loghost1 4444@loghost2

       sends all kernel log messages to host loghost1 on the default port and to host loghost2 on
       port 4444.


       Benjamin Drung <>