Provided by: network-manager_1.36.6-0ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       nm-online - ask NetworkManager whether the network is connected


       nm-online [OPTIONS...]


       nm-online is a utility to find out whether we are online. It is done by asking
       NetworkManager about its status. When run, nm-online waits until NetworkManager reports an
       active connection, or specified timeout expires. On exit, the returned status code should
       be checked (see the return codes below).

       This tool is not very useful to call directly. It is however used by
       NetworkManager-wait-online.service with --wait-for-startup argument. This is used to delay
       the service and indirectly, until networking is up. Don't order your
       own systemd services after NetworkManager-wait-online.service directly. Instead if
       necessary, order your services after Even better is to have your
       services react to network changes dynamically and don't order them with respect to at all.

       By default, connections have the ipv4.may-fail and ipv6.may-fail properties set to yes;
       this means that NetworkManager waits for one of the two address families to complete
       configuration before considering the connection activated. If you need a specific address
       family configured before is reached, set the corresponding may-fail
       property to no.


       -h | --help
           Print help information.

       -q | --quiet
           Don't print anything.

       -s | --wait-for-startup
           Wait for NetworkManager startup to complete, rather than waiting for network
           connectivity specifically. Startup is considered complete once NetworkManager has
           activated (or attempted to activate) every auto-activate connection which is available
           given the current network state. This corresponds to the moment when NetworkManager
           logs "startup complete". This mode is generally only useful at boot time. After
           startup has completed, nm-online -s will just return immediately, regardless of the
           current network state.

           There are various ways to affect when startup complete is reached. For example, by
           setting a connection profile to autoconnect, such a profile possibly will activate
           during startup and thus delay startup complete being reached. Also, a profile is
           considered ready when it fully reached the logical connected state in NetworkManager.
           That means, properties like ipv4.may-fail and ipv6.may-fail affect whether a certain
           address family is required. Also, the connection property
           connection.wait-device-timeout affects whether to wait for the driver to detect a
           certain device. Generally, a failure of NetworkManager-wait-online.service indicates a
           configuration error, where NetworkManager won't be able to reach the desired
           connectivity state during startup. An example for that are bridge or bond master
           profiles, that get autoconnected but without activating any slaves. Such master
           devices hang in activating state indefinitely, and cause
           NetworkManager-wait-online.service to fail.

       -t | --timeout seconds
           Time to wait for a connection, in seconds. If the option is not provided, the
           environment variable NM_ONLINE_TIMEOUT is honored. The default timeout is 30 seconds.

       -x | --exit
           Exit immediately if NetworkManager is not running or connecting.


       nm-online exits with status 0 if it succeeds, a value greater than 0 is returned if an
       error occurs.

           Success – already online or connection established within given timeout.

           Offline or not online within given timeout.

           Unknown or unspecified error.


       nmcli(1), NetworkManager(8).