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     nandsim — NAND Flash simulator driver


     device nand
     device nandsim
     options ALQ


     The nandsim is part of the FreeBSD NAND framework nand(4) and can be characterized with the
     following highlights:

        plugs into the nand(4) framework APIs as if it were a hardware controller (hanging on
         the nexus bus) with real NAND chips connected to it

        physically part of the kernel code (either statically linked into the kernel image or
         built as a module)

        controlled with a user space program nandsim(8)

     From the user perspective, the nandsim allows for imitating ONFI-compliant NAND Flash
     devices as if they were attached to the system via a virtual controller.

     Some nandsim features rely on the ability to log contents to a file, which is achieved
     through the alq(9) facility.


     nand(4), nandsim.conf(5), nandsim(8)


     Open NAND Flash Interface Working Group (ONFI).


     The nandsim support first appeared in FreeBSD 10.0.


     The nandsim kernel driver was developed by Grzegorz Bernacki.  This manual page was written
     by Rafal Jaworowski.