Provided by: iproute2_5.15.0-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       ip-addrlabel - protocol address label management


       ip addrlabel  { COMMAND | help }

       ip addrlabel { add | del } prefix PREFIX [ dev DEV ] [ label NUMBER ]

       ip addrlabel { list | flush }


       IPv6 address labels are used for address selection; they are described in RFC 3484.
       Precedence is managed by userspace, and only the label itself is stored in the kernel.

   ip addrlabel add - add an address label
       add an address label entry to the kernel.

       prefix PREFIX

       dev DEV
              the outgoing interface.

       label NUMBER
              the label for the prefix.  0xffffffff is reserved.

   ip addrlabel del - delete an address label
       delete an address label entry from the kernel.  Arguments: coincide with the arguments of
       ip addrlabel add but the label is not required.

   ip addrlabel list - list address labels
       list the current address label entries in the kernel.

   ip addrlabel flush - flush address labels
       flush all address labels in the kernel. This does not restore any default settings.




       Manpage by Yoshifuji Hideaki / 吉藤英明