Provided by: iproute2_5.15.0-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       ip-ntable - neighbour table configuration


       ip [ OPTIONS ] ntable  { COMMAND | help }

       ip ntable change name NAME [ dev DEV ] [ thresh1 VAL ] [ thresh2 VAL ] [ thresh3 VAL ] [
               gc_int MSEC ] [ base_reachable MSEC ] [ retrans MSEC ] [ gc_stale MSEC ] [
               delay_probe MSEC ] [ queue LEN ] [ app_probs VAL ] [ ucast_probes VAL ] [
               mcast_probes VAL ] [ anycast_delay MSEC ] [ proxy_delay MSEC ] [ proxy_queue LEN ]
               [ locktime MSEC ]

       ip ntable show [ dev DEV ] [ name NAME ]


       ip ntable controls the parameters for the neighbour tables.

   ip ntable show - list the ip neighbour tables
       This commands displays neighbour table parameters and statistics.

       dev DEV
              only list the table attached to this device.

       name NAME
              only lists the table with the given name.

   ip ntable change - modify table parameter
       This command allows modifying table parameters such as timers and queue lengths.

       name NAME
              the name of the table to modify.

       dev DEV
              the name of the device to modify the table values.


       ip ntable show dev eth0
           Shows the neighbour table (IPv4 ARP and IPv6 ndisc) parameters on device eth0.

       ip ntable change name arp_cache queue 8 dev eth0
           Changes the number of packets queued while address is being resolved from the default
           value (3) to 8 packets.




       Manpage by Stephen Hemminger