Provided by: iproute2_5.15.0-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       nstat, rtacct - network statistics tools.


       Usage: nstat [ -h?vVzrnasd:t:jp ] [ PATTERN [ PATTERN ] ]
       Usage: rtacct [ -h?vVzrnasd:t: ] [ ListOfRealms ]


       nstat  and  rtacct  are simple tools to monitor kernel snmp counters and network interface

       nstat can filter kernel snmp counters by name with one  or  several  specified  wildcards.
       Wildcards are case-insensitive and can include special symbols ?  and *


       -h, --help Print help

       -V, --version
              Print version

       -z, --zeros
              Dump zero counters too. By default they are not shown.

       -r, --reset
              Reset history.

       -n, --nooutput
              Do not display anything, only update history.

       -a, --ignore
              Dump  absolute values of counters. The default is to calculate increments since the
              previous use.

       -s, --noupdate
              Do not update history, so that the next time you will see counters including values
              accumulated to the moment of this measurement too.

       -j, --json
              Display results in JSON format.

       -p, --pretty
              When combined with --json, pretty print the output.

       -d, --scan <INTERVAL>
              Run   in   daemon  mode  collecting  statistics.  <INTERVAL>  is  interval  between
              measurements in seconds.

       -t, --interval <INTERVAL>
              Time interval to average rates. Default value is 60 seconds.



                                          27 June, 2007                                 RTACCT(8)