Provided by: 3depict_0.0.23-1build3_amd64 bug


       3Depict - 3D scalar point cloud visualization and analysis


       3depict <file1><file2>...


       This manual page documents briefly the 3Depict command

       3depict  is  a  program  that allows for visualisation and analysis of point datasets with
       associated spectral data.

       Note that the program is a best-effort system. It is  by  no  means  guaranteed  that  the
       algorithms  in  this program are free form errors in implementation, or follow conventions
       for any specific user-application.


       This program has no command line options, other than a sequence of data or  XML  files  to
       open,  the XML files being containing a previous program state (this may be generated from
       within the program's graphical interface). Currently the program can read "POS" (position)
       formatted  files,  which  are simply uncompressed sequences of 4-byte floats (IEEE 597) in
       (x,y,z,value) form. All other work is done through the graphical interface.

       As a further note, the XML file format has not been stabilised for the 0.0.x  series;  and
       may change between revisions


       3Depict was written by D. Haley in 2012


       3Depict Project Home :

       This manual page was written by D Haley <>, for the Debian project (and may
       be used by others).

                                          July 24, 2011                                3DEPICT(1)