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       CubicSDR - Software Defined Radio Application


       CubicSDR  is  a  cross-platform  Software  Defined  Radio  application which allows you to
       navigate the radio spectrum and demodulate any signals you might discover.   It  currently
       includes  several  common  analog  demodulation schemes such as AM and FM and will support
       digital modes in the future.  SDR hardware is accessed through SoapySDR and therefore  any
       hardware for which a SoapySDR module exists can be used as a receiver with CubicSDR.


       -c, --config=NAME
           Use configuration NAME instead of the default.

       -m, --modpath=PATH
           Instruct SoapySDR to load modules from PATH instead of the default system location.

           Display command line parameter help and exit.


       CubicSDR - The Manual ⟨


       CubicSDR ⟨


       The  principal authors of CubicSDR are Charles J. Cliffe and Vincent Sonnier.  This manual
       page was written by Andreas Bombe for the Debian project (but may be used by others).