Provided by: dascrubber_1.1-4_amd64 bug


       dascrubber - alignment-based scrubbing pipeline for DNA sequencing reads


       The  Dazzler  Scrubbing Suite produces a set of edited reads that are guaranteed to (a) be
       continuous stretches of the underlying genome (i.e. no unremoved adapters and not chimers)
       and  (b)  have  no  very  low  quality  stretches  (i.e. the error rate never exceeds some
       reasonable maximum, 20% or so in the case of Pacbio data). Its secondary goal is to do  so
       with the minimum removal of data and splitting of reads.


       For a complete description of available commands and their options, see the README file in


       daligner(1), dazzdb(1).

                                           October 2016                             DASCRUBBER(1)