Provided by: aewan_1.0.01-5_amd64 bug


       aecat - display an aewan document


       aecat  [-b]  [-c]  [-{n|N}]  [{-p  |  -l  <layer_num>}]  [-f  <format>] [-o <output_file>]


       This is an utility program that will convert an aewan document to ANSI escape sequences so
       that  it  can be rendered on a standard terminal. Alternatively, it can also generate HTML
       code for displaying the document in a web page. Any particular layer of the  document  may
       be converted, or you may request a composite of all layers.


       -f     specifies  output format - can "text", "html" or "comment". Default is "text".  The
              "comment" format extracts document metadata.

       -c     prepend a 'clear screen' escape sequence (only valid when outputting text).

              writes output to specified file rather than stdout

       -b     disables output of color (only characters will be printed).

              specifies which layer of the document is to be used (must be an index, not a  layer
              name). By default, layer 0 will be used.

       -L     displays the number of layers in the file.

       -p     exports  a  composite,  that  is,  overlays all visible layers, paying attention to
              layer transparency, etc. The size of the composite will be the size  of  the  first

       -n     suppress output of newlines

       -h     prints a short help text


       This  program  is  part  of  the  Aewan Ascii Art Editor package.  See aewan(1) for author


       Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Bruno Takahashi C. de Oliveira. All rights reserved.

       This program is licensed under the GNU General Public  License,  version  2  or,  at  your
       option,  any later version. For full license information, please refer to the COPYING file
       that accompanies the program.


       aewan(1), aewan(5), aemakeflic(1)